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Firearm Legislation Action Alerts

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Make No Mistake, Trump's Indictment Is An Assault On All Our Country - March 30, 2023

Federal Bill

We rarely wage into politics but the events of today force us to speak. What has happened today with this two bit hack NY DA indicting former president Trump requires us to respond.

This is NOT just an assault on president Trump, this is an assault on the US justice system. This attack on a former president has turned this once fine nation into a 'bandanna republic'.

This can NOT be tolerated because if it is we are doomed as a nation. We will become a 3rd world country that can be over run by any nation that feels like it.

We ALL need to stand together, and stand with president Trump and stop this before it is too late, Our forefathers built this great nation on principles and a sense of fairness .. today ended that.

We urge you to contact both you state and federal legislators and DEMAND they speak out against this political hit, tell them to either speak up or step aside.

If this isn't stopped our country is doomed to a very dark future over the next few year, if not forever

Washington State Senate Passes High Capacity Magazine Ban Bill - February 10, 2022

Washington State Bill SB5078

Washington state senators passed a bill, SB5078, yesterday that would outlaw the sale of any magazine that can hold more than 17 rounds. It wouldn't outlaw owning them but you would not be able to buy them. To prove you owned the magazine before the effective date you would need to have a photo of yourself and the magazine and be able to prove the photo was taken before the ban date.

The bill doesn't address whether firearms that come with magazines larger than 17 rounds would also be banned but we would assume they would be.

The bill now heads to the house for consideration. We implore you to contact your representatives and tell them to vote no on this bill.

State Legislation SB5078

Pennsylvania Constitutional Carry Bill In House Judiciary This Tuesday - May 22, 2021

Pennsylvania State Bill HB659

HB659 is scheduled for a hearing in the house Judiciary committee Tuesday May 25 at 10:00 a.m., in Room 140 of the state Capitol.

HB659, authored by Representative Aaron Bernstine, removes the requirement for individuals to obtain a concealed handgun permit before being allowed to carry concealed for self-defense, otherwise known as 'constitutional carry'.

Pennsylvania would become the 5th state to pass constitutional carry this year. If governor Wolf vetos the bill a vote on the bill in the House and Senate would put your reps and senators on notice. Should they vote against it all efforts will be made to remove them in the next election.

Please use our contact your legislator section to speak out and let your elected officials know you support this bill!

State Legislation HB659

HB1066 (Strengthening Preemption) Under Attack By Moms Demand, Support Needed - September 30, 2019

Pennsylvania State Bill HB1066

Pennsylvania people WE need your help!

HB1066 passed the house judiciary committee on September 24 by a party line vote. This legislation is meant to strengthen the firearm preemption law that currently exists by providing for the recovery of legal fees if communities that pass gun laws lose in court and the moving party, whether it be an individual or organization, wins the court case!

As you know, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh and dozens of other communities have illegal gun control laws or have just recently passed them! Anti-gun groups are frantic that the legislature will pass this legislation because they know that, constitutionally speaking, they will lose and that will set the stage for a collapse of all their gun control efforts at the local or municipal level, which is substantial!

The anti-gun group Everytown is targeting Pennsylvania House of Representatives members in a campaign to demand that they vote against HB 1066 and WE NEED YOUR HELP as does Representative Mark Keller.

We URGENTLY ASK YOU to contact your state representative and respectfully insist that they support HB1066 AND that they respond to you in writing as to their position on this legislation and if they are opposed "respectfully" insist they provide the reasoning and investigation they've used as to why they oppose this legislation.

We need your help and support on this matter. Please make the calls and personal emails to your state representatives. You can find your legislator's contact information here

State Legislation HB1066

House Judiciary To Return Early To Discus Gun New Laws - Action Required ASAP - August 19, 2019

Federal Bill

In the wake of the recent mass shootings the US House has decided to return to Washington early to discus new gun laws. As you well know the House is controlled by the Democrats as well as the committee that will hold these hearings.

Enclosed is a list of all the Judiciary Committee members. We need a serious push of phone calls telling these representatives that in no way shape or form do we accept any new laws that would infringe on our rights.

Please take the time to call as many of these representatives as you can. Even if the representative isn't from your state they must take your call and listen to your opinion because this committee will decide what bills move to the house floor for a vote.

It only takes a few minutes to let them know your 2a right is 'sacred'.

Here's their contact information:

Roby, Martha R - Alabama (202) 225-2901

Biggs, Andy R - Arizona (202) 225-2635

Lesko, Debbie R - Arizona (202) 225-4576

Stanton, Greg D - Arizona (202) 225-9888

McClintock, Tom R - California (202) 225-2511

Swalwell, Eric D - California (202) 225-5065

Lofgren, Zoe D - California (202) 225-3072

Lieu, Ted D - California (202) 225-3976

Bass, Karen D - California (202) 225-7084

Correa, J. Luis D - California (202) 225-2965

Neguse, Joe D - Colorado (202) 225-2161

Buck, Ken R - Colorado (202) 225-4676

Gaetz, Matt R - Florida (202) 225-4136

Demings, Val D - Florida (202) 225-2176

Steube, W. Gregory R - Florida (202) 225-5792

Deutch, Ted D - Florida (202) 225-3001

Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie D - Florida (202) 225-2778

Johnson, Henry C. "Hank" Jr. D - Georgia (202) 225-1605

McBath, Lucy D - Georgia (202) 225-4501

Collins, Doug R - Georgia (202) 225-9893

Richmond, Cedric D - Louisiana (202) 225-6636

Johnson, Mike R - Louisiana (202) 225-2777

Raskin, Jamie D - Maryland (202) 225-5341

Jeffries, Hakeem D - New York (202) 225-5936

Nadler, Jerrold D - New York (202) 225-5635

Armstrong, Kelly R - North Dakota (202) 225-2611

Chabot, Steve R - Ohio (202) 225-2216

Jordan, Jim R - Ohio (202) 225-2676

Dean, Madeleine D - Pennsylvania (202) 225-4731

Scanlon, Mary Gay D - Pennsylvania (202) 225-2011

Reschenthaler, Guy R - Pennsylvania (202) 225-2065

Cicilline, David D - Rhode Island (202) 225-4911

Cohen, Steve D - Tennessee (202) 225-3265

Gohmert, Louie R - Texas (202) 225-3035

Ratcliffe, John R - Texas (202) 225-6673

Escobar, Veronica D - Texas (202) 225-4831

Jackson Lee, Sheila D - Texas (202) 225-3816

Garcia, Sylvia D - Texas (202) 225-1688

Cline, Ben R - Virginia (202) 225-5431

Jayapal, Pramila D - Washington (202) 225-3106

Sensenbrenner, F. James R - Wisconsin (202) 225-5101

Pennsylvania Governor To Sign Executive Order On Guns Today - August 14, 2019

State: Pennsylvania

Governor Wolf is going to be coming out with an Executive Order on 'GUNS' today.

Their office would NOT release the executive order to any 'gun groups' unless they filed a Right To Know request even THOUGH they already sent it to the media.

We, the citizens, are 2nd Class Citizens in not only exercising the RKBA but even in having the right to information compiled at taxpayer expense!!!

Only ONE legislator they talked with even knew anything about this executive order and that was only because a reporter asked for a reaction.

This is what we get with a Democrat Gov. like Tom Wolf!!

Please contact his office immediately and tell him it's the job of the legislature to make laws not him!

SB621 On Governor's Desk - Please Call Him And Tell Him To Sign It - June 28, 2019

Pennsylvania State Bill SB621

Pennsylvania people, SB621 has passed both the house and senate. Now we need you to contact the governor's office and tell him to sign it.

SB621 is a COMMON SENSE bill that allows school districts to hire TRAINED armed security to protect children. The anti-gun groups are doing a full court press saying this is a 'dangerous' bill that will get kids killed ... we say BALONEY!

Please take the time to contact governor Wolf's office and tell him to sign this bill using the link below.

State Legislation SB621

New Jersey Assemply To Debate Five Anti-Gun Bills Thursday - June 11, 2019

State: New Jersey

New Jersey people, this is happening this Thursday!

The following bills are will be debated on Thursday in the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee and they are all anti-gun:

A1016 sets up a personalized handgun commission to approve which ones can be sold in the state and would require every gun dealer to stock at least one

A.3696 would require all firearms that are not in use to be locked up

A5452 would make firearm purchase cards good for four years and would require proof of training before getting one or renewing one

A5453 would make people convicted of attempted crimes, or conspiracy to commit crimes prohibited persons

A5455 would require people buying ammunition to show a second ID and would require dealers to maintain an electronic database of all sales

Connecticut Joint Judiciary Committee Meeting On Guns Bills March 11 - March 6, 2019

State: Connecticut

Connecticut Action Alert!

On Monday March 11 the Joint Judiciary Committee will be hearing 7 firearm related bills. There are 5 anti-gun bills being debated and 3 pro-gun bills. We urge everyone that can make it to show up and voice your opinion.

Here are the details of the bills:


SB60 would require anyone open carrying to show their carry license to police if asked

HB7218 would require firearms to be locked up in the home when minor children live there

HB7219 would outlaw the private manufacture of any firearm that doesn't have a serial number

HB7223 would require gun owners to install a secure locking device in the vehicles to store firearms when they are not in the vehicle


SB940 would allow people with carry licenses to carry in state parks and forests

HB5227 would prohibit municipalities from enacting firearm regulations

HB5870 would allow for the transfer of 'assault weapons' and high capacity magazines through a firearm dealer between two people that have certificates of possession

We would urge everyone to show up at this meeting and tell them to vote no on SB60, HB7218, HB7223 and HB7219 and to vote yes on SB940, HB5227, HB5870. If you can't make it please make sure to contact your legislators about these bills.

You can use our contact your legislators section to get in touch with them

Two Anti-Gun Bills To Be Debated In New Mexico Committees March 2nd - March 1, 2019

New Mexico State Bill SB8

Saturday March 2nd will see multiple hearings on anti-gun legislation. If you are able to attend and voice your displeasure please do. Here are the details:

The House Judiciary Committee Hearing is scheduled for 9:00am to debate SB8, a universal background check bill. The bill would ban almost all private firearms sales between law-abiding citizens of the state. All sales, with very few exceptions would be required to go through a licensed gun dealer where they would have to pay fees for the background check. 30 out of 33 New Mexico Sheriffs oppose this legislation.

Secondly the Senate Public Affairs Committee will meet at 1:00pm to debate HB83 & HB87. HB83 is an extreme risk protection order bill that would allow a person's firearms and ammunition to be seized without due process, prior to a formal hearing. Just about any complaint could be used to enact one of these orders on a law-abiding citizen that would allow police to enter their home and seize their property.

HB87 would make persons convicted of certain domestic violence misdemeanor crimes or who are subject to a domestic violence protective order from purchasing or possessing a firearm. This bill stretches federal law regarding this to the limit and could be abused easily.

Please try and make these meetings and make your voice heard. If you can not make it please make sure to contact your legislators and tell them NO to these two bills.

State Legislation SB8

New Mexico House Committee To Consider Universal Background Check Bill - February 23, 2019

New Mexico State Bill SB8

The New Mexico House committee on Consumer and Public Affairs is set to consider Senate bill 8 on Tuesday February 26th at 1:30pm in room 317.

Senate bill 8 would criminalize all private sales of firearms without a background check first being completed.

The bill is sponsored by two Senate Democrats, Richard Martinez and Peter Wirth.

The bill has already passed the Senate on February 14th. The only chance of stopping it now is killing it in the house.

Please take a few minutes to contact you representatives by both phone and email and tell them to stop this bill. If you are unsure who your representatives are you can use our contact your legislators page

Don't let these Democrats make you a criminal!

State Legislation SB8

Pennsylvania Senate To Consider HB2060 On Monday - Action Required - September 28, 2018

Pennsylvania State Bill HB2060

Okay Pennsylvania people you're not done with the fight over HB2060 yet. Word coming out of Harrisburg is the Senate is going to do something with it on Monday, we have no idea what but if they push it through the way it is you could be in trouble.

We know it's the weekend but you have to take a few minutes out of your leisure time to make sure your Senator's inbox, fax machine and voicemail are PACKED on Monday morning telling them to either fix the bill or kill it.

Here is a pre-made letter you can fax, if sending emails (less preferable) you can use the text from this letter to get your points across to them.

If you are faxing it please make sure to sign it and add your city so they know you are a constituent.

Don't let this piece of GARBAGE legislation become law!

State Legislation HB2060

HB2060 Headed To The Senate - September 26, 2018

Pennsylvania State Bill HB2060

Well Pennsylvania people all I can say is we tried our best but HB2060 just passed and is now headed to the Senate.

The ONLY ray of hope here is that the bill is so dissimilar to what they passed (SB501) that it will have to go through all Senate committees just like it was a brand new bill.

We can only hope to dissuade the Senate from passing it OR by amending it to fix all the problems.

So once again it's time to light up the letters, phones, faxes and emails. This time to your senators ... tell them to gut the bill and add the language THEY passed unanimously earlier this year (SB501) and fix the two places it says '24' (change it to '48') and add back in friends to who can take the guns (not family)

You want to try and stop this we have to start NOW!

Please start contacting your Senator by mail, phone fax and (least effective) email

State Legislation HB2060

Legislative Emergency In Harrisburg! The Time To Take Action is NOW! - September 21, 2018

State: Pennsylvania

Attention Pennsylvania Gun Owners, This is an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY! This could be the turning point for your state and YOUR rights!

During the week of Sept. 24th the PA House will be voting on 2 very important Bills, HB2060 & HB2227.

HB2060, sponsored by Rep. Marguerite Quinn (R-Bucks Co.) will close so called "Loopholes" forcing anyone accused (guilty or not) of domestic abuse to relinquish their firearms within 24 hours of the issuance of a PFA and may only be turned over to an FFL, an Attorney or the Sheriff (or Police Dept). The burden of proof of innocence lies on the shoulders of the accused. This Bill also strips the Judiciaries ability to determine if the subject can keep their firearms. We all know that this will put an undue burden on the accused with legal fees (if they are lucky) or complete loss of the property without compensation (guilty or not).

bill details

HB2227, sponsored by Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery Co.) is the Extreme Risk Order, more correctly known as the Gun Confiscation Order, bill that will allow almost anyone to say that you are a threat to yourself or others with no actual proof of a threat. Although this Bill gives the aggrieved the chance for a hearing 10 days later, AFTER the firearms were seized from them, it will be at their own expense to try to recover their property. Something most of us cannot afford to do. They will also be granted unlimited extensions to keep your firearms from you.

bill details

These two Bills are being forced through and being stripped of all Amendments to get them to pass as quickly as possible. The anti-gun lobby is pushing so hard they are only hearing their voices and not ours. We have word from Harrisburg that the likelihood of these bills passing is EXTREMELY HIGH.

We ask that you contact all Legislators (both House and Senate) on these two matters and tell them they are wrong and to NOT support them. People should not be presumed guilty before they are allowed to defend themselves from allegations. We are seeing what happens when we allow them to go unscathed with the way they are trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. We must not allow them to turn PA into a 'guilty to proven innocent' State.

Share far and wide. (Remember to include the original post when you share this or no one will see the messages explaining the bills)

PA Session Opens Next Week With Two Anti-Gun Bills On The Agenda - September 20, 2018

State: Pennsylvania

As most of you know PA's fall session opens next week and there are some startling developments coming to light. First off Moms Demand and CeaseFire PA have convinced Rep. Turzai to hold a vote on HB2060. This bill would change law regarding when and how a person under a PFA must turn in their firearms. The main problem with the bill is it limits a person to surrendering their firearms to three entities; a firearm dealer, their attorney or the local sheriff or police. It would also require them to surrender them within 24 hours of getting the PFA.

Secondly Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society has just released a letter to all PA legislators backing HB2227. This bill is a 'red flag' bill that would allow firearms and ammunition to be striped from people that have not had any form of due process. The weapons would be taken and THEN a hearing would happen. A copy of this letter can be seen here.

Everyone MUST Take the time to reach out to your legislators in both chambers and tell them to oppose this bills no matter what. The erosion of gun rights in this state by liberals is in full steam and they must be stopped

The Insantity In Harrisburg Continues And We Need Your Help! - June 21, 2018

State: Pennsylvania

Okay Pennsylvania people here's the update we promised, will try and keep it as short as we can ;)

The proverbial shit has hit the fan in the house!

HB2227 (the emergency relief protection order bill) now has 108 pro-gun amendments attached to it. Basically the 'good; Republicans took every piece of pro-gun legislation that came out this year (and was refused to be heard by the judiciary) and turned them into these amendments.

In response Stephens (author of HB2227) has been running around like mad trying to get the language from that bill added as an amendment to other bills and even got another legislator to take the language and add it as an amendment hoping no one would notice because his name wasn't attached to it.

HB2060 (regarding removed guns from those under a PFA) has been screwed up by adding the definition of who a third party is (that would accept the firearms) to add that ONLY attorneys that represent the person can accept the firearms BUT they have NOT changed 6108.3 (i) which clearly states anyone not living with the person and who is not prohibited can accept them ... this is a legal nightmare in the making.

Also on HB2060 the Democrats have attached 21 anti-gun amendments, including an assault weapon ban, high cap mag ban and every other piece of anti-gun crap they can.HB

HB2463 (which would allow those who have had a 302 petition the court to remove their prohibition) has had 2 anti-gun amendments added to it.

HB1872 (the bump stock ban that passed the judiciary yesterday) has been turned into an amendment and added to HB2227

We have also heard that several Democrats are even attempting to add these title 18 bills as amendments to non title 18 bills which most of you know is illegal in PA under the 'single subject' rule. Why would they do that when they know the laws will be challenged and ultimately struck down by the Supreme Court? Because they can say they got something passed for the November election to get votes, all while knowing it will never stand up in court.


This nonsense is honest to god changing every hour, supposedly they added HB2060 to the calendar for tonight (even though it was NOT published in the calendar this morning), again an illegal move based on the 'Sunshine Act'

Folks we know we have been screaming about this for days now but it is getting worse down there, not better. The session is SUPPOSED to end the 30th but because of the ongoing budget fight it could be extended indefinitely.

We HAVE to keep up the pressure each and every day, we don't care if you have called already we need to call EACH AND EVERY DAY until this nonsense is resolved. If they think the pressure is off they are going to ram anything they can down our throats!

As we get more information we will post it but right now everything is 100% fluid and VERY dangerous!

You can use our contact your legislators page (linked below) to find your legislators phone numbers is you don't already have them!

Anti-Gun Bills Moving In Pennsylvania Action Required - June 20, 2018

State: Pennsylvania

Things are moving at breakneck speed in Harrisburg and more help is need to try and stop this madness. First off here's what happened at the judiciary meeting yesterday:

The meeting started off by them saying there were too many bills so they were going to only do a few and reconvene Thursday to go over the rest.

Here what was voted on :

HB2060 - Domestic violence, passed with Republican support after being amended to include the text of SB500, SB501 & SB502

HB273 - Voluntary prohibition list maintained by PSP - passed after amended to remove the lifetime prohibition, now has 1, 3 & 5 years - passed with Republican support

HB2275 - firearm prohibition for conviction of conspiracy to commit several crimes - passed with Republican support

HB2463 - allowing anyone who has been 302'd to petition to regain their firearm rights - passed (this is the only 'good' bill heard today)

HB2227 - Emergency Relief Protections Orders. The Democrats pulled a fast on with this. They withheld an amendment (7721) until 10 minutes before the bill came up in committee. The amendment is a 'gut and replace' amendment that is 13 pages long. As Representative Saccone told us afterwards "There's no way in hell you could read and understand this amendment in 10 minutes" - This bill also passed with Republican support (not all but enough)

After meeting with Representatives that are not on the committee we are here to tell you they are madder than hell. The felling most have is this is being pushed by Speaker Turzai and his office. As one rep told us "Marsico doesn't do anything unless leadership tells him to"

Now, the other bills, including the universal background check bills and the bump stock ban bill have been pushed back to the Thursday meeting so we are NOT done by any stretch of the imagination, we HAVE to keep up the pressure!

Also we learned after the meeting that the Democrats intend to 'fast track' the bills that they voted on today. They are looking for first consideration tomorrow, second consideration on Thursday and a final vote on Tuesday.

Why? Because they don't want ANY Amendments that would screw up their bills and want as little input as possible ... they literally want to ram them through before anyone can think.

And then today:

The judiciary held what is basically an illegal committee meeting this morning (they never posted it publicly) and voted on HB1400 (universal background checks) and HB1872 (multi-burst trigger activators). Here are the votes:

HB1400 - failed by ONE VOTE (13 yeas 14 nays) with quite a few Republicans voting yea

HB1872 - passed by one vote (14 yeas 13 nays) with again quite a few Republicans voting yea

HB1400 and yesterday's HB2227 (ERPOs) have been refereed to the rules committee which is controlled by the speaker of the house Mike Turzai

We also know there are quite a few decent Republicans preparing massive amendments to all the anti-gun bills that have passed committee to try and shut them down.

Again we still need EVERYONE to get on the phone (emails are worthless at this point) and tell these legislators to kill these bills

Follow Up Alert With New Information About Tuesday's Judiciary Committee Meeting - June 17, 2018

State: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania people, this is follow up to the action alert we sent out Friday concerning the judiciary committee meeting happening Tuesday in Harrisburg.

There have been some new circumstances added to the mix as two amendments are also going to be voted on regarding HB2463, those amendments are:

A07403, clarifies that persons presently prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a previous involuntary mental health commitment will have to seek a restoration of firearm rights through the new petition process.

A07614, provides that an emergency involuntary mental health commitment will result in a six-month firearm prohibitor that automatically expires at the end of that period.

While not all these bills are anti-gun some are outrageously anti-gun:

Again these are the bills being considered Tuesday:

HB1400 - this bill is a 'universal background check' bill that would require background checks on all firearm sales, it should be noted that this bill has 15 Republican co-sponsors which make it extremely dangerous

HB1872 - this bill would ban the sale of any device that accelerates the rate of fire of any firearm, notice that says ANY device, not just bump fire stocks

HB2060 - this bill would expand the surrender of firearms involving PFA's.

HB2227 - this bill would create extreme risk protection orders that would require the surrender of firearms WITHOUT due process

Only one bill (while many other pro-gun bills are being ignored by the committee) is what we would call pro-gun:

HB2463 - This bill would protect the rights of gun owners that have been subject to a mental health 302 order

And these bills are questionable at best and have the best chances of having anti-gun language added to them on the house floor:

HB2266 - This bill would change the notification requirement for the Pennsylvania State police to be made aware of a mental health disqualification from seven days to 72 hours

HB2267 - This bill changes mental health notifications to the state police from 7 days (current law) to 72 hours.

HB2275 - This bill would add criminal solicitation to the list of firearm prohibiting offenses.

HB273 - this bill would create a self-exclusion list for firearm sales that would be maintained by state police

We now have all of the legislators on that committee's phone numbers:

Ryan Bizzarro (D) - (717) 772-2297

Timothy Briggs (D) - (717) 705-7011

Becky Corbin (R) - (717) 783-2520

Dom Costa (D) - (717) 783-9114

Tina Davis (D) - (717) 783-4903

Jason Dawkins (D) - (717) 787-1354

Madeleine Dean (D) - (717) 783-7619

Sheryl Delozier (R) - (717) 783-5282

Harold English (R) - (717) 260-6407

Garth Everett (R) - (717) 787-5270

Barry Jozwiak (R) - (717) 772-9940

Kate Klunk (R) - (717) 787-4790

Jerome Knowles (R) - (717) 787-9029

Ronald Marsico (R) - Majority Chair - (717) 783-2014

Joanna McClinton (D) - (717) 772-9850

Daniel Miller (D) - (717) 783-1850

Gerald Mullery (D) - (717) 783-4893

Tedd Nesbit (R) - (717) 783-6438

Brandon Neuman (D) - (717) 783-4834

Joseph Petrarca (D) - Minority Chair - (717) 787-5142

Jeffrey Pyle (R) - (717) 783-5327

Richard Saccone (R) - (717) 260-6122

Paul Schemel (R) - (717) 783-5218

Todd Stephens (R) - (717) 260-6163

Tarah Toohil (R) - (717) 260-6136

Jesse Topper (R) - (717) 787-7076

Martina White (R) - (717) 787-6740

PLEASE take the time Monday to light up these legislator's phone in Harrisburg and tell them to vote NO on HB1400, HB1872, HB2227 and HB2060 and to vote NO on the two amendments to HB2463, especially target Ron Marsico's office as he is the traitor 'republican' allowing these votes while ignoring all the the pro-gun bills under consideration.

Also ask them to vote YES HB2463 WITHOUT any amendments

Action Needed In Pennsylvania - Anti-Gun Bills To Be Voted On In Committee Next Tuesday - June 15, 2018

State: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania people, this is a EXTREMELY important action alert! Please call, email or post on Facebook for all of your freedom loving friends to share this and get involved!

Next Tuesday, June 19th there will be a house judiciary voting meeting (which means they decide whether or not to move bills to the house floor) on the following bills.

While not all these bills are anti-gun some are outrageously anti-gun:

HB1400 - this bill is a 'universal background check' bill that would require background checks on all firearm sales, it should be noted that this bill has 15 Republican co-sponsors which make it extremely dangerous

HB1872 - this bill would ban the sale of any device that accelerates the rate of fire of any firearm, notice that says ANY device, not just bump fire stocks

HB2060 - this bill would expand the surrender of firearms involving PFA's.

HB2227 - this bill would create extreme risk protection orders that would require the surrender of firearms WITHOUT due process

Only one bill (while many other pro-gun bills are being ignored by the committee) is what we would call pro-gun:

HB2463 - This bill would protect the rights of gun owners that have been subject to a mental health 302 order

And these bills are questionable at best and have the best chances of having anti-gun language added to them on the house floor:

HB2266 - This bill would change the notification requirement for the Pennsylvania State police to be made aware of a mental health disqualification from seven days to 72 hours

HB2267 - This bill changes mental health notifications to the state police from 7 days (current law) to 72 hours.

HB2275 - This bill would add criminal solicitation to the list of firearm prohibiting offenses.

HB273 - this bill would create a self-exclusion list for firearm sales that would be maintained by state police

We would ask all of you to spend the weekend, and even more importantly Monday flooding Harrisburg with phone calls, emails and faxes telling these legislators (and your legislators too) that only voting on anti-gun bills in the committee is unacceptable! If any of the following legislators is one of yours please contact them immediately and tell the to vote NO on HB1400, HB1872, HB2060, HB2227, HB2266 & HB2267 and vote YES on HB2463.

The legislators on this committee are: Ryan Bizzarro (D), Timothy Briggs (D), Becky Corbin (R), Dom Costa (D), Tina Davis (D), Jason Dawkins (D), Madeleine Dean (D), Sheryl Delozier (R), Harold English (R), Garth Everett (R), Barry Jozwiak (R), Kate Klunk (R), Jerome Knowles (R), Ronald Marsico (R) - Majority Chair, Joanna McClinton (D), Daniel Miller (D), Gerald Mullery (D), Tedd Nesbit (R), Brandon Neuman (D), Joseph Petrarca (D) - Minority Chair, Jeffrey Pyle (R), Richard Saccone (R), Paul Schemel (R), Todd Stephens (R), Tarah Toohil (R), Jesse Topper (R), Martina White (R)

The ONLY reason these bills are getting a vote is thanks to the spineless 'lame duck' majority leader Ron Marsico (R) that has decided since this is his last term he is going to pander to Moms Demand and Ceasefire PA, these legislators need to know we are watching and we will not tolerate this kind of behavior!

We will be in Harrisburg for these votes Tuesday and would also ask anyone who can be there to show your support. The meeting starts a 9 am in room 140 of the main capitol building.

Delaware Democrats Trying To Suspend Rules To Get Assault Weapon Ban Bill Through - June 15, 2018

Delaware State Bill SB163

Delaware Democrats are trying to pull a slick one. This time attempting to suspend the rules and pull the assault weapon ban bill (SB163) out of committee for a floor vote. You may know the bill died in committee last week after a 3-2 vote against moving it forward.

Now in a desperate attempt to further their agenda they are playing 'fast and free' with the rules to push out a bill that would strip you of your rights to own many commonly used firearms.

Please contact your legislators and tell them to stop this bill in its tracks.

State Legislation SB163

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