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Legislative 'Score Card' For 2020

Total Firearm Related Passed Bills: 2

Passed Pro-Gun State Bills: 0

Passed Anti-Gun State Bills: 1

Bills On Governor's Desks: 4

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New Mexico Red Flag Anti Gun Bill On Governor's Desk - February 14, 2020

The Democrat-led New Mexico Legislature approved a red-flag gun law Thursday with a final vote of the state House, virtually ensuring adoption of new procedures for courts to ... more

Virginia House Passes 'Assault Weapon', High Capacity Mag Ban - February 10, 2020

The Virginia House of Delegates on Monday advanced an assault weapon and high-capacity magazine ban to its third ... more

Virginia Democrat Led Committee Pass Bill Making All Suppressors Illegal - February 9, 2020

Democrats on Virginia's House of Delegates Public Safety Committee passed legislation Friday making it a felony to possess a suppressor in the state after July 1, ... more

Red Flag BIll Defeated In South Dakota - February 4, 2020

State Sen. Arthur Rusch, a Republican and former judge from Vermillion, sought to create risk protection orders. His bill would have allowed law enforcement officers to seek ... more

South Carolina Attorney General Sues City of Columbia Over Gun Laws - January 29, 2020

Gun laws passed by the City of Columbia are coming under fire from South Carolina Attorney General Alan ... more

Virginia House Of Delegates To Vote On Anti-Gun Bills Next Week - January 24, 2020

More gun control bills advanced in the Virginia legislature on Friday. The House of Delegates Public Safety Committee moved six bills through, sending them to a debate in front ... more

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Philadelphia FedEx Driver Kills Armed Robber After Being Shot - December 17, 2019

A wounded FedEx delivery driver turned the tables on an armed robber who shot him, killing him during a shootout in Philadelphia, police ... more

Pregnant Woman Fights Off Attack On Her Family With AR-15 - November 4, 2019

A Florida woman who was eight months pregnant and came out wielding an AR15 rifle reportedly saved her husband and pre-teen daughter last week from a pair of violent intruders ... more

California Concealed Carry Holder Saves Abducted Woman - October 7, 2019

A man in Redding, California was legally carrying a firearm when he noticed a woman "in distress" at a gas station… and he did something about ... more

Georgia man shoots 3 masked teens attempting to rob him - September 17, 2019

A Georgia homeowner shot and killed three masked teens as they approached his residence with their faces covered, authorities ... more

Texas Woman Defends Herself From 5 Male Robbers With Gun - September 3, 2019

A Houston, Texas, woman used her firearm to defend herself from five male suspects when they attempted to rob her early Tuesday. Now, she says she is in disbelief that she was ... more

Houston Woman Defends Herself From Five Would-be Robbers - September 3, 2019

A Houston, Texas, woman used her firearm to defend herself from five male suspects when they attempted to rob her early Tuesday. Now, she says she is in disbelief that she was ... more

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The Official AMGOA Response to The Parkland School Shooting - February 26, 2018

Now that the dust has settled and the facts have come out about the recent horrific tragedy in Florida many have asked what our 'official position' is regarding new calls for gun regulations by both anti-gun groups and the liberal media. more

That Airport Carry Map Could Get You Arrested, Or Even Worse - January 30, 2017

Soon after the shooting that occurred inside the Fort Lauderdale airport terminal the topic of carrying a firearm in an airport quickly took off among both pro and anti-gun groups. Right about this time a so-called 'airport carry' map began circulating on social media. more

AMGOA's Response To Obama's Town Hall Meeting - January 9, 2016

So Todd Beamon from Newsmax contacted (Dave Dalton) earlier for a statement about Obama's 'town hall' and I refused until I actually saw it. Well I saw it and here is my response unedited:

Well Todd it was an interesting hour and 12 minutes.

So takes from our end?

It was interesting that the president was called out on so many issues by gun rights advocates and his response (besides his stuttering) was 'common sense legislation' even when he was forced to admit none of this 'common sense legislation' would have prevented a single 'mass shooting'

Oh and by the way, when did suicides (2/3 of the gun deaths) classify as 'gun violence'. While we grieve those that wish to take their own life and we would hope we could help these souls how in god's name is this 'violence'?

If we took suicide by firearm out of the equation and then also took gang violence (like the president spoke of tonight) out of the equation how much actual 'gun violence would we have? If you think about it it would be not much.

So why are we not focusing on suicide prevention? Why are we not focusing on inner-city gangs?

Why do we ignore these areas (as a people) and keep trying to pass laws that only effect law abiding firearm owners?

It was also telling to see the presidents innuendos. He spoke of the attack in China just after the Newtown massacre (while previously stating some about the 'level of destruction ... sorry paraphrasing there) ... while most didn't get that we heard a ban on 'assault rifles' (a made up term) and a ban on 'high capacity magazines' even more so a ban on all guns because a man with a knife in China attacked children but only so many died.

To his point about conspiracy theories ... we do not subscribe to ANY of them except for one. The Democratic party (or the liberal agenda) feel that human beings do not have, nor the should have the right to defend their own lives by the use of firearms. We should just endure the crime and if we survive report it to the police that may or may not help us. We have seen this by posts towards rape victims that it is better to not resist and live than fight back and die. Our view (as much as it may repulse people) is kill, wound or scare off the would be rapist and live to tell you story without the pain of being a victim

We (as American citizens) refuse to become victims, we also refuse to let our government disarm us so that we have no way to protect ourselves or our loved ones. The POTUS may think he talks a great story but we refuse to listen to his crap (as well said as it is). Your party wants nothing more than for American citizens to becomes victims of the criminals you refuse to put in jail, and we refuse to accept that.

So until you admit that you refuse to lock up scumbags that need to be locked up, until you you start locking up gangbangers and low lifes that threaten our families and children we refuse to believe you you or your intentions! more

The Politics Of Fear Mongering By Anti-Gun Groups - April 16, 2015

Anyone that pays attention to just about anything the anti-gun groups do has to see a recurring theme, fear mongering by hysterical emotions. That's their game. They can't 'win' basd on logic, facts or rational thought so they 'attack' using fear and lies to get people emotionally charged up without ever even thinking about what is going on. more

We, As Gun Owners Need To Grow Up And Get Over It - February 26, 2015

Dave here (founder of the American Gun Owners Alliance)

There's something I need to get out, and something that everyone needs to understand about our fight for our rights.

There's a few things I have seen going on in 'gun community' for years and honestly it's time to put the record straight and people, all 'gun' people need to pay attention.

1) The bickering between gun owners (aka hunters versus shooters etc) HAS to stop. We, as a group, can not defend our rights to hunt, protect ourselves and our families, sport shoot etc etc until we all realize our right to do any of the above are under attack.

The sooner we all 'get' that we are all part of one 'group' and that the extremest liberal minority feels 'we' are a problem the sooner we can run these idiots out on a rail.

2) Also we need (as a group) to realize 'gun owners' come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, all genders, all religious (or not) backgrounds and all political 'convictions'. more

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