Help us keep you informed about new legislation that could effect your right to bear arms. Even a small donation helps us keep this running. Please consider signing up for a paying membership or making a donation, every little bit helps.

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Membership Options

American Gun Owners Alliance offers two membership options at this point in time:

Basic Membership

Basic members can:

  • Add proposed legislation to your watch list
  • Get email alerts when bills on your watch list are updated
  • Receive a daily email for newly proposed legislation for your state and any new federal legislation
  • Add their favorite gun dealers to their FFL favorites list. Access their information quickly in your control panel.
  • Add reviews for gun dealers, gun shows, trainers, ranges and gun rights attorneys
  • Send one email / PDF to their legislators per bill per year, with a total of twelve allowed per year.
  • Your governor's basic contact information (no email provided)
Sponsor Membership

Sponsoring members get everything a basic member gets plus the following:

  • Access State and Federal legislator information Includes all phone and FAX numbers, office addresses, email addresses (where available) Any Facebook, Twitter or other social media links
  • Directly Email reps from bill page, including a prewritten 'starter' letter.
  • Print letters to FAX or mail to your legislators. Letters are stored for you in your control panel for future use. Load previously generated letters about a bill into the contact form for editing and re-sending
  • Governor contact information Includes all phone and FAX numbers, office addresses and email addresses Any Facebook, Twitter or other social media links
  • Governor's Desk Action Alerts Same day action alert when a bill hits the governor's desk with a link back to the bill Email the governor directly from the site Generate PDF letters to FAX and mail to the governor
  • Simple plain English synopsis on rated proposed legislation.
  • Personalize Website. Log into your control panel and under the personalize website link choose which state(s) you are interested in. When you choose one state all of the links for proposed legislation, attorneys, gun shows, ranges etc (any state based area of the website) change to become direct links to your state information, no more having to wade through all the other states you don't care about.
  • Email alerts for new gun show dates for shows on your watch list
  • Upcoming gun show reminders
  • Email alerts when a new rally has been added based on a mileage from your home that you choose
  • An American Gun Owners Alliance bumper sticker (note: stickers will begin shipping August 1st, 2015)

Cost for sponsor membership is about the cost of a gallon of gas per month (as low as $1.66 a month) - $19.95 per year or $150 for a lifetime membership.

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