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last updated: March 2, 2013

Please take the time to read this page so you can get the most out of your experience.

Member FAQ

Once you have signed up for a membership and logged into the website go to your member control panel and click on the link that reads 'Edit your membership preferences'. There are two email options you can change:

  • Do you wish to receive email alerts regarding proposed local, state and federal gun legislation? - If set to yes you will receive email alerts when any new gun law is added to our system for US Congress or your state.
  • Do you wish to receive an email when a law on your watch list is updated? - If set to yes you will receive an email when a law on your watch list has been updated

When viewing a law you will see a yellow star icon to the right of the law title (between the flag law icon and the social media drop down). Click on this star to add the law to your watch list. When a law is already in your watch list the star will change to a page icon with a smaller star on it.

There are two ways to remove a law from your watch list. First you may go to your control panel and click on the checkbox next to each law to remove it. You may also remove a law from your watch list by going to the law and clicking on the page icon between the flag law icon and the social media drop down.

To find laws you have added to your watch list go to your control panel. They are listed at the bottom.

Our laws are pulled into the site from via keyword relevency. Sometimes law will get imported that really aren't firearm related. If you find one of these laws before our staff does please click on the red flag icon across from the law title to alert our staff.

Unfortuately the way our laws are 'pulled' isn't always 100% accurate so some laws come through that may in fact not be gun related. Searching legislation via key words and phrases isn't perfect because of the way many of these laws are written. After the laws are imported we go through them to make sure they are firearm related. If we find one that is not it is removed from the system, that is why you would get the 'page not found' message.

Laws are imported every morning Tuesday through Saturday at approximately 2am.

Yes, the gun show listings, rallies, proposed state and federal laws all have RSS feeds available. At the top of these listings you will see an RSS icon next to the social media drop down. Copy and paste this url into your favorite feed reader.

The list of items we want to add to the website is long but here are just a few items:

  • Competition listings
  • Training listings
  • Representative ratings
  • Representative contact information
  • Online petitions
  • Legal defense fund
  • Pre-prepared letters to mail to your legislators

Group Alert FAQ (coming April 1, 2015)

Once we have started the process of adding local level gun groups to the system you may then go to your control panel and mark which groups you belong to as well as setting up email alerts for your groups. When one of these groups adds information to the system you will be notified via email if you have set the option to yes.

This group information will also be posted to the website so anyone can find it.