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Our Mission Statement

The American Gun Owners Alliance strives to be a communication system for gun owners that can be trusted to provide verified, honest information they would not normally have the means, direction, or knowledge to get otherwise. AMGOA seeks to bring every person who supports the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, from all facets and subsets of that term, together, as one voice. It endeavors to do so through facilitating information both to and from them, so that all factions of firearm owners, be they hunters, sport shooters, self defense orientated, non-gun owner supporters, activists, men, women, or whatever their creed, can communicate effectively.

AMGOA will do this through the use of its website, email, and through other social media and through our membership base. AMGOA hopes to eventually be the premier firearm owners association in the United States, by allowing its members to speak with one powerful voice on all matters relating to the preservation of their right to keep and bear arms, free from corruption and internal politics. The AMGOA will strive to be the place where anyone, interested in preserving the right to keep and bear arms, can submit information to be disseminated in such a way as to reach as many other like minded people as possible, and to receive calls for grass roots action when needed.