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From The Founder

last updated: April 28, 2014

First of all welcome! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check us out.

As an avid supporter of second amendment rights for over half my life I have always been aggravated at the lack of communication there was between all of the small to mid sized organizations out there. I kept thinking about the thousands of 'little' groups out there across the country that had no real way of getting information without having to search the internet or forums all the time. I also thought about how these groups as a single unit didn't have much of a voice because of their size. Even more so I thought about the almost impossible task of bringing these groups together to stand side by side when it came to our gun rights. Also I thought about the fact that a group could have a local issue and they need support from other like minded groups - how do they get the word out quickly and easily to groups that may be close enough to lend support.

I was also put off by many larger groups due to their constant use of conjecture and old outdated information, always with a plea to send money attached. Likewise I have been frustrated for years by some of the larger groups seemingly attempting to create a divide between these smaller groups for their own political gain.

After the attack in Connecticut I knew things were going to get rough for gun owners and the thought of trying to create something that could bring all the like-minded groups and people together was once again forefront in my mind.

In early January 2013 we had a fairly good sized group over to celebrate my birthday and I approached them with the idea. I figured they would either tell me I was nuts or the idea had no merit. To my surprise most seemed to grasp the concept and thought it was a great idea. That day the American Gun Owners Alliance was born.

To try and explain my goal here I will offer these ideas I had:

  1. One place with all the up to date gun laws and proposed legislation that members can track without having to search the internet for them.
  2. A place where groups can register themselves and then be able to post announcements, whether political or events that members that are interested in the group can see without having to search. These group postings would also be available on their group page so the public can view them.

    For instance, let's say a group in Cleveland Ohio has found an issue with their local government (say no guns in parks) and they want a turnout at the town council meeting. They can post this and others that may or may not be part of the group can find out about it and potentially add more bodies for support.

  3. Lastly a way for AMGOA to push information to groups that are registered with us.

    For instance let's say we find out about a problem with a county government. We can alert all the groups within the county and groups from bordering counties about the problem.

It's basically an information clearing house for gun people and gun groups but along with that it's creating an unintended alliance (hence the name) between these groups. They may not know about each other and they may not even agree on all the issues 100% of the time but they are informed about issues and can lend support to each other as they see fit.

At the party I made the analogy of getting polar opposite groups like the Pink Pistols and some backwoods gun club to fight side by side (without actually ever meeting each other) for the rights we all hold sacred. They may not agree with each other but there are things they agree 100% about - namely our second amendment rights.

What I hope I have created here is a place for every supporter of the second amendment to stay informed and get involved. All too often the average person thinks "I'm just one person, what can I do?". My vision is to give that one person, that small hunting club in Michigan, that small gun club in Tampa and all the other people and groups out there a place to come together and help each other, thereby helping themselves.

I am not here to stand up and say I 'represent you', I am here to stand with you and fight for our constitutional rights. I hope you join us in this vision, my email is always open to suggestions and comments.

David Dalton - Founder