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About American Gun Owner Alliance

last updated: March 2, 2013

alliance: an association to further the common interests of the members

For years now the task of standing up for gun rights in America has fallen on one or two groups, groups that all too often don't actually stand up for the rights of the average gun owner. Secondly these group's memberships are dwarfed by the actual amount of gun owners in the country. While there are thousands upon thousands of other small gun rights groups, all too often these smaller groups, or individual gun owners, lack a forum to get their message heard in state and federal legislatures.

What we intend to build is an alliance between all of these gun related organizations, no matter how large or small and non affiliated gun owners to create a voice for all of America's law-abiding gun owners.

While the topic is in the forefront of the news right now we, as gun owners, must show solidarity against any unconstitutional laws at any level of government. We also face a massive challenge in the 2016 elections. Should a strong anti-gun delegation take control of the house or the senate and another Democrat becomes president a string of laws will be passed that strip us of our rights forever. That is not something we will sit idly by and allow.

Our goals are simple:

  1. Educate and inform both gun owners and non gun owners about any new proposed laws that may infringe on our rights.
  2. Bring like minded groups of 2nd amendment supporters together to stand up against unconstitutional law.
  3. Use the numbers of our membership to show legislators we will not be silent.
  4. Call out the media and anyone that would mislead the public on gun related facts or information.

If you are concerned about your rights we ask you to join us. If you feel we are working in your best interests and see fit please donate to help us grow and move forward.

Individually our voices may be ignored, as a whole they will be acknowledged!

The American Gun Owners Alliance is a Wyoming registered non-profit corporation, details of our corporate filing can be found here