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Business Terms Of Service

last updated: April 28, 2014

This is a contract between American Gun Owners Alliance LLC, herein the ("Company") and the ("Business") for the purposes of providing premium listings on the Company's web site. By signing up for a premium listing with the Company the Business agrees to the Terms set forth within. This agreement is solely for the purpose of premium listings and both the Business and Company agrees and acknowledges that no business relationship and or partnership is formed outside of paid listings.

Free Listings

Any licensed gun dealer, gun show promoter, trainer or gun rights attorney is allowed a basic listing at no cost. The Company's free listings have been added using readily available information from either a government agency, or listings of services found on the internet.

Any business that wishes to have their information removed from the Company's web site may contact the Company using the web site contact form to request such removal. The Company will, in no more than 10 business days, remove any listing from the web site after the Company has verified the request was made by the business owner.

Premium Listings

Premium listings allow any of the above-mentioned businesses to add additional information about their business and the services they offer. All information added to a business's premium listing remains the property of the Business while granting the Company the right to display it on the web site. Inaccuracies, omissions and outdated information provided by the Business are the sole responsibility of the Business.

The Business agrees to release the Company from all liabilities regarding any information they add to their listing from the Business's control panel.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are limited to three (3) total banner ads per state per area. The current banner areas are our 'state gun show listings', 'state attorney listings' & 'FFL dealer search results'. Banner sales are first come first serve. Banners are limited to the topic the area they are posting in covers. For instance only show promoter ads or ads for gun shows are allowed within the gun show area. Anyone buying a banner ad agrees to this limitation and understands that any breach of those limitations will constitute removal of the banner from our system without refund to the customer.


Payments received from businesses for premium listings are non-refundable. Businesses are not guaranteed to receive referrals and or business as the result of listing with the Company.

Each premium listing is renewed automatically and will be billed either monthly or yearly to the business's credit card on file depending on which plan the business requests. Request for cancellation of the monthly agreement must be received a minimum of 5 days prior to renewal. Cancellation notices must be in writing to the Company either by US mail, email or via the web site's contact form. Businesses may also cancel their subscription using the link provided within the business control panel.

The business is responsible for keeping their credit card information up to date with the Company. If fee processing for the business listing fails for more than 30 days the Company reserves the right to terminate the listing contract without notice to the business.

Termination of Listing Agreement

Request for refund or cancellation must be in writing by Email, U.S. Mail, or Fax within 5 days of the start period, or of the next billing date of a premium listing.

In the event that your account becomes past due, the Company reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your premium listing. If there are any disputes regarding any charge to your account, you agree to submit it in writing to the Company within sixty (60) days of such charge, otherwise such dispute will be waived and such charge will be final and not subject to challenge.

Intellectual Property

All print, names, forms, and logo's contained on the American Gun Owners Alliance web site are protected by U.S. copyright and trademark laws. American Gun Owners Alliance has been developing its business methods in privacy and continues to protect its trade secrets by purposely maintaining a database of all National Will Registry USA's drafts and/or designs for the purpose of furthering National Will Registry USA's business. National Will Registry USA had taken great caution in only allowing a small number of persons to have the knowledge of how the company works, operates, builds, and plans to expand its business. Any use of any materials within National Will Registry USA's web site is prohibited and permission to use these materials must specifically be granted in writing.