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Concealed Carry Firearm Permit Reciprocity Map

last updated: December 26, 2022

To find what states honor your permit(s) please start with your resident permit and then add other permits you may have. To remove a permit simply click the state you want removed a second time.

For detailed instructions on how to use this tool please click on the question mark     help

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Special note about Maine: We have contacted the authorities in Maine to clear up the confusion about what's posted on their website. If you are a resident from a state that Maine has reciprocity with you are considered to be carrying on a permit. If however your permit is not accepted in Maine you then fall under the permitless (constitutional carry) laws. You also must have a valid resident permit from a state Maine recognizes to carry in national parks. So even though the map might show Maine in red you can still carry under their constitutional carry laws as long as you are 21 years old or older and do not carry in the above mentioned parks.

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Constitutional Carry States Shall Issue (residents) States Shall Issue (non-residents) States May Issue (residents) States)
May Issue (non-residents) States Duty To Inform States Open Carry States Airport (non-secure areas) Carry Clear Map


Georgia accepts carry ppermits for non-residents from all 50 states - July 1, 2022

As of January 1, 2020 Tennessee offers an 'enhanced' carry permit that allows both open and concealed carry. However as of this date we know of no other states that recognize the new permit via a reciprocity agreement. The states shown for the TN enhanced permit accept all permits from all states - link

Puerto Rico will begin accepting all state permits January 1, 2020 but be sure to read the alert in the state box when you click on your state about decaring firearms - link

Washington state now accepts South Dakota enhanced permits - 10/17/2018 Link

Pennsylvania no longer accepts any Virginia permit - 05/16/2018

Delaware recognizes Kansas permits - May 8, 2018 link

Pennsylvania now accepts Idaho (enhanced only) & Alabama permits, Virginia permits to be disallowed in 30 days - April 16, 2018 Link

Minnesota recognizes West Virginia permits - April 12, 2018

West Virginia accepts Wisconsin permits - August 18, 2017 link

Effective January 1, 2017 the following states will not accept a permit issued by Tennessee to anyone under 21 years old: Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Nebraska, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin, Washington state will no longer accept any Tennessee permit. link

Minnesota no longer accepts concealed handgun licenses from Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas - January 1, 2017 Link

Provisional West Virginia license accepted by Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming - October 6, 2016. link

Maine recognizes Kansas permits - July 14, 2016 Link

Nevada recognizes 10 new permits effective July 1, 2016 Link

Virginia recognizes all valid permits July 1, 2016 Link

South Carolina recognizes Georgia & North Carolina with passage of H3799. June 3, 2016

New Hampshire recognizes Kansas permits. April 27, 2016 Link

Delaware no longer recognizes Virginia permits. March 1, 2016

Indiana & West Virginia now have reciprocity with each other Link

Virginia governor signs HB1163 and SB610 opening up acceptance of all permits from all states. February 26, 2016

Virginia will stop recognizing permits from 25 states as of February 1, 2016

Minnesota recognizes Delaware, Idaho (Enhanced permit only), Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Carolina (Enhanced permit only), South Dakota permits. August 12, 2015

Minnesota no longer recognizes Missouri, Texas, Utah, Wyoming permits. August 12, 2015

Minnesota recognizes North Dakota (class 1 only) permits. August 12, 2015 Link

North Dakota recognizes Minnesota permits. August 12, 2015 Link

Nevada recognizes West Virginia permits. August 5, 2015 Link

West Virginia recognizes Nevada permits. August 5, 2015 Link

Pennsylvania recognizes Ohio permits. April 13, 2015

Georgia recognizes Ohio permits. March 25, 2015

Colorado recognizes Ohio permits. March 25, 2015

Wisconsin recognizes Ohio permits issued or renewed on or after 3/22/2015. March 25, 2015

Ohio recognizes any permit. March 23, 2015

New Mexico and Alaska have reciprocity. January 5, 2015

Nevada and Louisiana no longer have reciprocity. September 8, 2014

Montana honors Illinois permit. August 4, 2014

Nevada honors Illinois permit. July 31, 2014

Pennsylvania now recognizes Utah resident permit. June 26, 2014

Nebraska honors Illinois permits. June 22, 2014

Pennsylvania no longer honors Utah permit. May 12, 2014

Virginia now recognizes Kansas permits. May 8, 2014 link

Washington now recognizes Kansas permits. May 8, 2014 link

Wisconsin now recognizes Illinois permits. April 7, 2014 Link

Wisconsin now recognizes Missouri permits. January 20, 2014 Link

Alabama and West Virginia now recognize each others permits. December 13, 2013 Link

West Virginia now honors Iowa, November 1, 2013

West Virginia and New Hampshire honor each other's permits, October 28, 2013

Virginia now honors Idaho enhanced permit (only), October 25, 2013

South Carolina now honors the Idaho enhanced permit (only), Sept 24, 2013

Virginia no longer honors Missouri, Sept 14, 2013

South Carolina now honors New Mexico, August 28, 2013

West Virginia and Colorado now honor each other's permits, August 23, 2013

Arkansas now honors all other states permits & licenses, August 16, 2013

West Virginia and Georgia now honor each others permits, August 12, 2013

Pennsylvania no longer honors Idaho. Nevada no longer honors Missouri and Rhode Island. Nevada now honors North Dakota and Idaho. West Virginia now honors Idaho. Alabama now honors all other states permits & licenses, August 1, 2013

New Mexico now honors the Idaho 'Enhanced Permit.' PA Honors Kansas, July 20, 2013

Idaho now recognizes New Mexico permit, July 19, 2013

Illinois now a shall issue state, July 9, 2013

Kansas now honors all other states permits & licenses. Georgia and Wyoming honor Kansas, July 1, 2013

Wyoming will honor New Mexico, May 24, 2013

New Mexico honors Wyoming and Nevada, May 24, 2013

Louisiana honors New Mexico, May 24, 2013

Virginia now honors Wisconsin permit, May 2, 2013

Washington no longer honors Florida permit, April 29, 2013

Pennsylvania only honors Mississippi resident permits, April 22, 2013

Pennsylvania only honors Virginia and Arizona resident permits, April 11, 2013

New Mexico now honors South Carolina, April 10, 2013

Pennsylvania only honors Maine resident permit, April 1, 2013

Wisconsin now honors Alaska permits issued or renewed after January 13, 2013, March 29, 2013

New Mexico honors Alaska permits, March 29, 2013

South Carolina now honors North Dakota, March 22, 2013

Nevada no longer honors Arizona permits, March 4, 2013 link

Pennsylvania will not honor any Florida non-resident permit held by a Pennsylvania resident, February 2013

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