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Gun Legislation Action Alerts

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Proposed PA Law Grants Immunity From Prosecution, Right To Sue - April 25, 2013

Pennsylvania State Bill SB876

A newly proposed PA law would grant immunity from prosecution to anyone using justifiable force as defined under current law. The bill also provides a 'general rule for unlawful regulations of firearms', allowing parties to sue local governments that overstep their bounds.

State Law SB876

South Carolina Proposed Law Requires Gun Dealer To Do Multiple Checks On Gun Buyers Wanting An 'Assault Weapon' - April 25, 2013

South Carolina State Bill S0650

A newly proposed South Carolina bill would require gun dealers to conduct a criminal background check, a family background check, a medical and psychological evaluation as well as a personal interview before selling a 'assault weapon' to anyone.

State Law S0650

New Federal Law Gives Judges, Federal Employees Right To Carry - April 21, 2013

Federal Bill SB698

While congress is attempting to take away your rights as gun owners this newly introduced law gives judges, law enforcement, and federal employees the right to carry concealed weapons, protects them from lawsuits and sets up new laws for the 'protection of prosecutors, judges and their families.

I've read this bill twice and it just smacks of Orwell

Federal Law SB698

Proposed Ohio Law Requires All Firearm Sales To Go Through FFL - April 20, 2013

Ohio State Bill HB137

Proposed Ohio law HB137 would require all firearm sales to go through a federal firearms dealer with the only exception being a 'The transfer is a bona fide gift between immediate family members, including spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren.'

State Law HB137

NJ governor Chris Christie proposes new laws that require mental health background checks for firearms purchases - April 19, 2013

State: New Jersey

Gov. Chris Christie proposed new legislation Friday designed to curb gun violence that expands existing gun laws and mandatory mental health screenings and requires parental consent for juveniles buying violent video game.

Proposed North Carolina Law Repeals Stand Your Ground, Requires Liability Insurance For Gun Owners, Bans High Capacity Magazines - April 18, 2013

North Carolina State Bill H976

A 'mixed bag' proposed North Carolina law would redefine current 'stand your ground' laws to limit the use of deadly force to the home when a person feels their life is in danger. Another provision of the law would require anyone who wishes to own a firearm to first purchase a $100,000 liability insurance. Gun buyers would have to show proof of insurance before accepting transfer of any firearm.

Additionally the law would outlaw the sale or possession of any magazine that can hold more than 15 rounds.

State Law H976

Reid Shelves Gun Control Bill - April 18, 2013

Federal Bill SB649

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will set aside proposed gun legislation on Thursday without a final vote following the defeat a day earlier of major provisions sought by President Barack Obama and Democrats

Federal Law SB649

Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Amendment Defeated - April 17, 2013

Federal Bill SB649

Senator Feinsteins' assault weapoon ban amendment was defeated in the senate today, only receiving 40 of the required 60 votes it needed.

Federal Law SB649

Manchin Toomey Amendment Fails To Pass Senate - April 17, 2013

Federal Bill SB649

Senators voted today to abandon the Manchin Toomey amendment to SB649.

Federal Law SB649

High Capacity Magazine Ban Amendment Defeated In Senate - April 17, 2013

Federal Bill SB649

Senators only got 48 votes on Frank Lautenberg's (NJ) high capacity magazine ban today, there were 60 votes required to add the amendment to SB 649

Federal Law SB649

Senate reaches deal on amendments to S649 - voting begins today! - April 17, 2013

Federal Bill SB649

Every amendment MUST have 60 votes to pass so every vote counts's the time to make those phones light up in Washington!

Voting begins at 4pm this afternoon so there's plenty of time today to tell them how you feel.

Federal Law SB649

Senate To Begin Voting On S649 Today - April 16, 2013

Federal Bill S649

The US Senate will convene today and begin voting on amendments to S649. The first amendment to be addressed should be the Machin-Toomey amendment.

Please contact your senators and tell them you do not support this bill, nor any of the amendments they are trying to attach to it.

Federal Law S649

Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms Backs New Gun Law - April 15, 2013

Federal Bill S649

In a stunning turn of events the Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms has come out in support of the newly proposed Manchin-Toomey gun control bill, something no supporter of the 2nd amendment would believe.

We reject these groups and refuse to support them in any way, shape or form! They may accept this abomination of a law but we will not! Write your senators today and tell them we in no way endorse this law or the amendments to it.

Federal Law S649

Lautenberg Introduces Large Cap Magazine Ban To Senate - April 13, 2013

Federal Bill SB691

NJ Senator Frank Lautenber has introduced SB691, a ban on any magazine with a capacity over 10 rounds.

The bill has 10 co-sponsors, Blumenthal, Richard, Cowan, William M. "Mo", Feinstein, Dianne, Hirono, Mazie K., Kaine, Tim, Merkley, Jeff, Murphy, Christopher S., Rockefeller, John D., IV, Whitehouse, Sheldon

Federal Law SB691

Assault Weapons Ban Amendment Submitted To Reid Gun Bill S649 - April 13, 2013

Federal Bill S649

Several amendments have been submitted to be attached to Harry Reid's gun bill S649. Among them is Diane Feinstein's assault weapon ban of 2013.

Federal Law S649[1-5]%28Amendments_For_S.649%29&./temp/~bdrpPF

Proposed Ohio Law Would Require All Transfers To Go Through FFL - April 13, 2013

Ohio State Bill HB119

Ohio represenative Tracy Heard has introduced HB119 in the house April 10th, 2013. The law would require all firearm sales to go through a federal firearms dealer along with a background check. The law also requires the FFL to maintain a record of all sales, something which is already federal law, and report and denied background check to inform police within 24 hours.

State Law HB119

Proposed Rhode Island Gun Law Bans 'Assault Wepaons' - April 12, 2013

Rhode Island State Bill S0859

Newly proposed Rhode Island bill S0859 creates the definition of an 'assault weapon' and a ban on them.

The house has a companion bill H5990

State Law S0859

Proposed NC Law Would Require Background Checks For All Sales Except Between Family - April 12, 2013

North Carolina State Bill H914

Newly proposed NC law H914 would require all sales or transfers of any firearm with the exception of family members to go through a background check.

State Law H914

Text Of Toomey-Machin Amendment Released - April 12, 2013

Federal Bill

The so-called compromise Senators Manchin and Toomey authored that stopped the fillibuster and allowed SB 649 to move to the floor of the Senate was released last night. The amendment if passed would require all sales and transfers of firearms, even if temporary, to go through a background check unless the sale or transfer is between 'family'.

The amendment expands the definition of family to include aunts, uncles, cousins and others.

The amendement also includes setting up a commission to determine what constitutes 'mentally incompetent' for people added to the NICS system as prohibited persons.

First Lawsuit Filed Against Connecticut Gun Laws - April 12, 2013

State: Connecticut

Lawsuits have been threatened against the state's new sweeping gun legislation, and the first to be filed is by the Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights, a relatively new organization.

The suit represents Scott Ennis of New London, the group's founder, who suffers from Hemophilia A, which has caused him severe joint damage. The legal move was first reported by the Hartford Courant.

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