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Gun Related News Stories

Gun Sales Break Alabama Record - December 27, 2013

Last year there were 431,356 federal gun background checks from Alabama. There have been 486,506 checks this year--and that's before December's numbers are in. If trends continue, Alabama's on track to have half-a-million background checks for 2013.

Beretta Won't Move To Virginia Because Of Governor's Gun Control Stance - December 23, 2013

Beretta has eliminated Virginia from its short list of states to move its company because anti-gun Democrat Terry McAuliffe was elected governor.

The firearms manufacturer made the decision to scratch Virginia off the list after the McAuliffe campaign fixated on restricting gun owners' rights after receiving over $1 million in campaign donations from billionaire New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

"The anti-gun ads that McAuliffe ran in northern Virginia were particularly offensive," Jeff Reh, general counsel of Beretta USA, told me in an interview. "And the fact that he could gain a voting advantage by doing so caused us additional concern."

D.C. Gun Owners Forced to Re-Register Firearms - December 17, 2013

Big changes for gun owners in the nation's capital will impact tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens, many of whom have no idea the change is coming.

The new requirement for gun owners in the District goes into effect next year and failure to comply could mean jail time.

Starting Jan. 1 all registered gun owners in D.C. must re-register their firearms within 90 days. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says notices will start going out to gun owners soon.

Gun Rights Groups Sue Sunnyvale California Over 'Measure C' - December 17, 2013

Gun rights groups are taking aim at the law, known as Measure C, passed by Sunnyvale voters in November. The National Rifle Association filed a lawsuit Tuesday asking a federal judge for an injunction to stop the measure, arguing that it violates the Second Amendment.

It's not the first attack on the city statute. Last week, the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) filed a lawsuit against Measure C's requirement that firearms retailers keep records on ammunition sales that include the buyer's name, address, date of birth, driver's license number and thumb print.

Gun Rights Group File Injunction Request Over Charleston WV Gun Law - December 17, 2013

The West Virginia Citizens Defense League filed the injunction request Tuesday. Lawyers for the gun advocacy group want city officials to abide by a legislative decision stripping cities of their ability to regulate the sale and regulation of guns.

Early this year, the Legislature approved a law taking the power to regulate guns away from individual cities, saying gun laws throughout the state should be uniform. The law effectively nullifies individual gun laws passed by cities.

Seattle Settles SAF Lawsuit With $38,000 Payment - December 16, 2013

The city of Seattle will pay $38,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the Second Amendment Foundation over failure to release public records relating to Mayor Mike McGinn’s January gun buyback.

The settlement was signed Monday by Carl Marquardt, legal counsel to McGinn, and includes an apology for the mayor’s office’s failure to release records about the controversial buyback program, which netted about 700 guns but also provoked criticism from public-health and gun-rights advocates that it wouldn’t cut gun violence.

WWII SS Assault Rifle Turned In At CT Gun Buy Back - December 8, 2013

Police officers in Connecticut received one very unusual weapon during a gun buy-back program last week -- the gun was from World War II and is worth over $30,000.

All sorts of guns were turned in at the gun buy-back event in Hartford last Saturday, but one weapon caught the eyes of officers.

Jesse Jackson Claims Semi-Auto Weapons Can 'Blow Up Train Stations' - February 4, 2013

In another 'over the top' rant that shows his complete lack of understanding of firearms Jesse Jackson has now upped the 'anti' by claiming that semi-automatic rifles can not only shoot down planes but that they can also blow up train stations.

On FOX news he stated 'You know that these weapons can shoot down airplanes, they can blow up railroads. This is really a whole national security issue'.

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