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Gun Related News Stories

New York Republican Governor Candidate Announces SAFE Act Repeal Plan - October 17, 2014

Republican governor candidate Rob Astorino announced his plan to roll ban the unconstitutional SAFE act today. In his statement he writes:

"Redirect the energy and large number of dollars being expended on implementation of the NY SAFE Act toward measures that will actually have an effect upon the safety of New York's citizens. An extraordinary amount of tax dollars have been spent on this ill conceived measure and much more is scheduled to be spent. Meanwhile the only people adversely impacted are our law aiding citizens. Measures targeted specifically at getting weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill are needed, not broad 'feel good' measures that accomplish nothing in the line of public safety.


Documents Confirm AK-47 Used In Phoenix Gang Assault From Fast And Furious Operation - October 16, 2014

Documents obtained through a lawsuit recently issued against the City of Phoenix by government watchdog Judicial Watch reveal a weapon from the Department of Justice's Operation Fast and Furious was used to injure two people in a 2013 gang-style assault on an apartment complex. When the incident occurred and during investigation afterward, police worked with federal law enforcement agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Department of Homeland Security, FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency in the case, raising suspicions the assault wasn't simply a typical, local gang shootout and prompted questions about the details of where the weapons that were used came from.


U.S. Army Corp Of Engineers Gun Ban Found Unconstitutional - October 14, 2014

An Idaho woman who is barred from carrying a functional firearm for self-defense when she visits federal recreational facilities prevailed today with the ruling of an Idaho federal district court that the federal government ban on firearms violates the Second Amendment.


Mississippi Attorney Seeks To Overturn Federal Machine Gun Ban - October 12, 2014

A Mississippi attorney established a crowdfunding page Thursday to overturn the federal machine gun ban. Since being established, the project appears well on its way to reaching its $50,000 goal.

"Now, my sights are set on ... the machine gun ban," Stamboulieh announced on the GoFundme.com webpage he established to finance the legal challenge. "I don't believe this is constitutional in light of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Likewise, the National Firearms Act ('NFA'), which taxes the making and transferring of Title II weapons (machine guns, suppressors, short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, etc) is ripe to be attacked on Second Amendment grounds."


Shooting Ranges Seeing More Women In Oklahoma City - October 6, 2014

More of the steady hands pulling the trigger on guns at Oklahoma shooting ranges belong to women. Local shooting ranges and gun stores tell Fox 25 News more women want guns, and it's all about taking safety into their own hands.

"You always walk out at night, if you are working late, and it is dark. You always have that, you know, fear in the back of your mind that anyone could be there," said Tonya Casey, an Oklahoma nurse looking to upgrade her gun.


Texas Court Dismisses Open Carry Rifle Case - October 3, 2014

After months of fighting to have his case dismissed, a young man from San Antonio has finally been granted his wish. Henry Vichique received word this week that his case was dismissed following the recommendation of city prosecutor Elizabeth Yetman.

Vichique was facing charges for carrying a loaded rifle within city limits, but part of the problem with the case was the fact that the city ordinance directly conflicts with the state law.


New CDC - FBI Study Shows More People Killed On Bicycles Than In Mass Shootings - October 2, 2014

A CDC study combined with a FBI study reveals that far more people were killed on bicycles and from falling than by mass shootings.

An FBI study revealed that from 2000 to 2013 there were 64 incidents of 'mass shootings' and that the gunmen involved in these caused 418 deaths.

If you look at the numbers, more deaths were caused by people on bicycles in one year, according to the CDC, than the entire fourteen year period of mass shootings.


Federal Appeals Court To Hear Guns In Post Office Case - October 1, 2014

The Postal Service and a rural Colorado man will argue in court Wednesday over where on postal property people can legally carry guns.

A three judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hear the case involving Tab Bonidy, a licensed gun owner who, along with the National Association for Gun Rights, sued the Postal Service in 2010 over its ban on guns in post offices.

Bonidy said the post office in Avon, a small town near Colorado's Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts, violated his Second Amendment rights by refusing to let him carry his concealed handgun into the building when he picks up his mail. The post office also barred him from keeping the weapon in his vehicle in the parking lot.


Three US Senators Attempting To Bully Kroger Into Banning Open Carry - September 30, 2014

A group of Senate Democrats are demanding that the grocery store chain Kroger ban firearms from its stores, warning that "gun extremists" are taking advantage of the company's lax policy.

"There is simply no reason why someone would need an AK-47 to purchase milk, bread, or other basic necessities at a grocery store," the senators wrote.

Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) sent a letter to Kroger Co. CEO, W. Rodney McMullen, on Tuesday asking him to implement storewide policies that would prevent individuals from openly carrying firearms into Kroger locations.


Bloomberg's Million Dollar Push For Gun Control Backfiring - September 25, 2014

With the midterms just over a month away New York City's former mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending at least $50 million to make his gun-control agenda part of this election. His gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety has endorsed more than 100 federal and state candidates. They are also running television commercials, holding events and pushing their studies into the newsrooms of a mostly favorable press.

John R. Lott, Jr. says he's fine with that statement. He just wants people to know the truth about what really reduces violence before they vote. He says, "I can't find a single study from Bloomberg's groups that aren't loaded with errors. They have an anti-gun agenda and will lie to achieve it."


Shaneen Allen To Be Admitted To Pretrial Intervention - September 24, 2014

A Philadelphia mother facing prison time for bringing her legally registered gun into New Jersey will be allowed into a diversion program, after the attorney general clarified a directive that had expanded New Jersey's gun law.

Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain originally denied Allen pretrial intervention because he said a 2008 directive that expanded the state's Graves Act did not allow for an exception.

But the attorney general released a clarification to the state's county prosecutors Wednesday with respect to out-of-state visitors from states where their gun possession would be legal.

"In most of these cases, imprisonment is neither necessary nor appropriate to serve the interests of justice and protect public safety," acting Attorney General John Hoffman wrote.


Breaking: Prosecutor In Shaneen Allen Case Asks For Delay - September 13, 2014

The prosecutor in the Shaneen Allen case has asked the judge to delay the trial while he reevaluates the charges against her.

It sounds like he's getting a lot of public blow back for prosecuting a single mother who was just trying to protect her family.


15 Year Mandatory Sentence For Shotgun Shells Upheld By SCOTUS - September 11, 2014

Edward Young received a mandatory fifteen-year prison sentence for the crime of possessing seven shotgun shells in a drawer. He came into possession of the shells while helping a neighbor sell her late husband's possessions. When he eventually discovered them, he did not realize that his legal disability against possessing firearms resulting from felonies committed some twenty years earlier [burglary-related offenses between 1990 and 1992 -EV] extended to ammunition. Under the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), Young received a mandatory fifteen-year sentence.


GSG And ATI Suing H&K, Claim They DO Not Own MP5 Design - September 10, 2014

GSG and ATI are now suing Heckler & Koch GmbH (Germany) and Heckler & Koch (USA) for $16.5 million in punitive damages. GSG claims they now have proof that H&K did not own the rights to the MP5 design when they sued GSG and "forced GSG into a settlement".


Breaking: Panera Bread Starts No Gun Policy - September 8, 2014

Panera Bread is asking customers not to bring guns into its restaurants.

"The request is simply we recognize everyone's rights," said Panera CEO Ron Shaich during a phone interview Monday. "But we also recognize that we are building communities in our cafes and are where people come to catch a breath."

However, he noted that all Panera stores would continue to follow state and local firearms laws, and would not require employees to confront anyone who violated the new policy.


Gun And Ammo Sales Skyrocket During Tax-Free Weekend - September 8, 2014

Mississippi and Louisiana saw guns sales surge September 5-7 as both states held their tax-free Second Amendment weekend. In Mississippi alone, stores saw "guns and ammo sales rise by as much as 600 percent."

Louisiana created their tax-free weekend for guns sales in 2009, while this year was Mississippi's inaugural tax-free weekend.


Georgia Carry Files Suit Over 10 Day Waiting Period - September 5, 2014

Georgia Carry is taking a county sheriff to court over a 10-day waiting period on sales of used guns they contend is in violation of state laws.

The suit, filed in Richmond County Superior Court this week, names Sheriff Richard Roundtree as a defendant and is seeking the county's ordinance on selling used weapons be overturned. Currently, the ordinance places a mandatory 10-day hold on used firearms before a dealer can resell them. The gun rights group maintains this violates Georgia's preemption law that prohibits counties and cities from regulating the sale of firearms.


Harasment Of Kroger By Moms Demand Action Goes Over The Top - September 4, 2014

In an other example of 'Moms Demand Action' childish, temper tantrum tactics the group has now started running print ads asking "one of them isn't welcome here, guess which one" depicting a child eating an ice cream cone and and man with an AR-15 draped over his shoulder.

They intend to buy ad space in many major publications as well as a billboard in Columbus Ohio, where the coroprate offices are located.


Carolina Ale House Bans Firearms In All Stores - September 4, 2014

Carolina Ale House has recently added no firearm signs to their stores. We questioned about it the following response came from their corporate offices.

"The no weapons policy is company-wide. We have had lots of discussion around the issue and concluded that our main priority is the comfort, safety and enjoyment of our Guests. Therefore, we have elected to exercise our right to prohibit the carrying of firearms in all of our family-owned restaurants.

I understand your frustration and welcome your feedback. Carolina Ale House respects the right of all individuals to carry firearms, however, our concept is committed to creating a family-friendly environment.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but believe that this position is in the best interest of our Guests and our Team Members."


Utah Sees Spike In Carry Permits For Women - September 3, 2014

According to statistics from the Utah Department of Public Safety, the number of permits issued to women by the state of Utah has steadily increased over the last few years, and last year the numbers shot up.

In 2011, the state issued about 14,000 permits; in 2012 about 15,000 were issued; and in 2013, 34,597 permits were issued to women.


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