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Gun Related News Stories

Washington DC Drops Appeal Over Public Carry Ban - April 1, 2015

Washington, D.C., will drop its appeal of a federal court ruling that overturned the city's ban on carrying handguns in public, Attorney General Karl Racine announced Wednesday.

City attorneys will instead focus on defending concealed-carry laws adopted by legislators in the months after U.S. District Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. declared the ban was unconstitutional.

Breaking: Judge Order En Banc Rehearing In San Diego CCW case - March 26, 2015

In an order released moments ago, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered an en banc rehearing in the landmark right-to-carry case Peruta v. San Diego.

From the order:

THOMAS, Chief Judge:

Upon the vote of a majority of nonrecused active judges, it is ordered that this case be reheard en banc pursuant to Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 35(a) and Circuit Rule 35-3. The three-judge panel opinion and order denying motions to intervene shall not be cited as precedent by or to any court of the Ninth Circuit.

For those that may not be familiar with the term 'en banc' means a hearing before all the judges of the court.

Kroger CFO Rejects Moms Demand Demands - March 25, 2015

During a March 25 appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box, Kroger CFO Michael Schlotman said the retail food chain will not comply with the demands of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, especially as those demands touch on changing store policy to disarm open-carry customers in states where openly carrying a gun in Kroger is legal.

PA - OH Reciprocity Under Ohio AG Scrutiny - March 24, 2015

From Joshua Prince at Firearms Industry Consulting Group:

WARNING REGARDING OHIO RECIPROCITY - The NRA posted a notice that Ohio had passed a reciprocity agreement allowing any out of state CCW / LTCF holder to legally carry a firearm effective yesterday, March 23, 2015. Firearm Owners Against Crime has been in touch with the NRA legislative representative who covers Ohio and it appears that the Ohio's Attorney General, Mike DeWine, has some problems with the agreement. DO NOT CARRY in Ohio until this is resolved!!

We are asking you to call the OHIO AG's office toll free at 1(800) 282-0515 and ask Mr DeWine to acknowledge and comply with the reciprocity agreement passed in the Ohio legislature last year, HB 234, so that no law abiding citizen is victimized by the "confusion." We ask that you also pass this on to your friends who carry and ask that they also call the Ohio AG.

West Virginia Governor Vetoes Pro Gun Bill - March 20, 2015

Citing public safety concerns, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed a bill to eliminate requirements for people carrying concealed handguns to have permits.

"Throughout my career, I have strongly supported the Second Amendment, as demonstrated by my repeated endorsements and high grades from the National Rifle Association. However, I must also be responsive to the apprehension of law enforcement officers from across the state, who have concerns about the bill as it relates to the safety of their fellow officers," the governor said.

Breaking! ATF Director Stepping Down Over Bullet Ban - March 20, 2015

The director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is stepping down following controversy surrounding the agency's proposal to ban certain types of ammunition.

The ATF announced Friday that Director B. Todd Jones is resigning at the end of the month “to pursue other opportunities in the private sector."

Democrats Pushing To Revive M855 Ammo Ban - March 12, 2015

Congressional Democrats are pressuring the Obama administration to move ahead 'swiftly' with a proposal that would ban a form of armor-piercing ammunition.

In a draft letter Democrats are urging the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to use his 'existing authority' to keep 'dangerous ammunition out of our communities.'

"We hope that the Bureau will swiftly review comments on the proposed framework and issue a revised proposal that will address the danger posed by handguns that fire 5.56mm and other rifle ammunition," Democrats write in the letter.

Sweeping Pro-Gun Legislation Passes Iowa House With No Debate - March 10, 2015

With no debate, the Iowa House passed legislation Tuesday that would make sweeping changes to the state's gun laws.

"It's not often that you can bring a bill of this enormity to the floor of the Iowa House and have no debate on it," said Rep. Matt Windschitl. "So I'll take this as a compliment that this is a well-crafted piece of legislation that everybody in this chamber can get behind, hopefully, that does right by 3 million Iowans and advances our Second Amendment rights."

Breaking: ATF Backs Down On M855 Ammo Ban - March 10, 2015

Due to overwhelming pressure, and with over 80,000 comments on their proposal to ban M855 ammo, it appears they have backed down.

In a statement released today the stated "Although ATF endeavored to create a proposal that reflected a good faith interpretation of the law and balanced the interests of law enforcement, industry, and sportsmen, the vast majority of the comments received to date are critical of the framework, and include issues that deserve further study. "

Bill To Block CWP Information To Other States Sent To Virginia Governor - February 20, 2015

It is up to Gov. Terry McAuliffe whether to sign into law legislation that would prohibit certain out of state police agencies from accessing information regarding concealed weapon permits issued by the commonwealth of Virginia.

The House of Delegates gave final approval Tuesday to the measure, Senate Bill 948. The vote was 66-33, with Republicans supporting the bill and Democrats opposing it. SB 948 now advances to McAuliffe for consideration.

If signed into law, states like Maryland would not have access to concealed weapon permit data from the Virginia Criminal Information Network. Maryland does not recognize concealed handgun permits issued by Virginia.

Florida Court Upholds Ban On Open Carry - February 18, 2015

In what judges described as a first of its kind case, an appeals court Wednesday upheld a Florida law that prevents people from openly carrying firearms, finding that the restriction does not violate the constitutional rights to bear arms.

The ruling by a three-judge panel of the 4th District Court of Appeal stemmed from the 2012 arrest in Fort Pierce of Dale Norman, who was carrying a gun in a holster. A jury found Norman guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor charge, leading to the appeal on constitutional grounds.

ATF Proposes Ban On AR-15 Ammo - February 14, 2015

Based on new proposed regulations, the ATF is essentially seeking a ban on the popular M855 round (aka 'green tip').

The NRA-ILA weighed in on the measure saying "BATFE has released a 'Framework for Determining Whether Certain Projectiles are 'Primarily Intended for Sporting Purposes' Within the Meaning of 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(17)(c), which would eliminate M855's exemption to the armor piercing ammunition prohibition and make future exemptions nearly impossible."

Breaking: Federal Judge Strikes Down Federal Interstate Handgun Sales Ban - February 11, 2015

In another excellent victory for civil rights by attorney Alan Gura, United States District Court Judge Reed O'Connor struck down the federal interstate handgun sales ban earlier today, finding it unconstitutional under the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment's Due Process Clause.

The Court explained, "[t]o prevail on a facial challenge, Plaintiffs must show that either no set of circumstances exists under which the law would be valid or that the statute lacks any plainly legitimate sweep." That high bar was met by the Plaintiffs' legal team. The decision explained that "Defendants [United States Attorney General Eric Holder and BATFE director B. Todd Jones] fail[ed] to provide reasonably current figures to show the federal interstate handgun sale ban is narrowly tailored."

House And Senate Democrats Introduce Bills Banning High-Capacity Magazines - February 6, 2015

Ranking Democrats along with gun control advocates from the Newtown Alliance, pledged to renew a federal prohibition on magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.

The legislation, to be introduced this week to both chambers of Congress, aims to once again ban the importation, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of so-called large capacity magazines.

HB752 was introduced today but lacked the actual bill text while the Senate version text has been released without a bill number on main sponsor, New Jersey's Sen. Bob Menendez website. Text of that bill can be found in the link below.

Once Again The Facts Shoot Down Moms Deman Action Claim Of School Shooting - February 6, 2015

In its never ending diatribe of lies over the actual number of school shootings 'Moms Demand Action' proclaimed the 101st 'school shooting' since Sandy Hook at Frederick High School in Maryland.

Little problem with that claim, the shooting was outside of the school and has now been labeled as gang-related.

Keep up the good work their Moms, your credibility is becoming as thin as tissue paper.

Indiana Senate Approves Bill Making Short Barreled Shotguns Legal - February 5, 2015

For the first time in decades, National Firearms Act-compliant short barreled shotguns are closer to being legal in Indiana following a 44-6 Senate vote Tuesday.

An short barrel shotgun, as interpreted by BATFE, consists of a shotgun that has a barrel less than 18 inches in length. The current Indiana regulations, dating back to the days when outlaws such as John Dillinger roamed the state, prohibit people from manufacturing, selling, offering for sale, or possessing a short-barreled shotgun.

However those days, and the reason for the ban, argue state lawmakers, have long faded away.

Wyoming House Passes Bill To Repeal Gun Free Zones - February 3, 2015

The Wyoming House overwhelmingly voted Monday to pass a bill that would allow guns in public schools and other government buildings. HB114 is known as the Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act. It was approved on a 42-17 vote.

The proposal, which has sparked heated testimony from education and pro-gun groups, now advances to the Senate.

The legislation would allow holders of concealed-carry permits to possess firearms in public K-12 schools, at the University of Wyoming and in community college buildings.

Second Amendment Foundation Files Suit Against Washington DC Over Concealed Carry Restrictions - February 3, 2015

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a federal lawsuit challenging the District of Columbia's highly restrictive concealed carry permit requirement that applicants provide a "good reason" before such a permit is issued, which violates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. SAF is joined by three private citizens, Brian Wrenn and Joshua Akery, both of Washington, D.C., and Tyler Whidby, a Florida resident who also maintains a residence in Virginia. The city and Police Chief Cathy Lanier are named as defendants.

Virginia Bill To Bar Alleged Domestic Abusers From Guns, Lifetime Permits And Background Checks Stalls - February 3, 2015

A bill introduced by Sen. Barbara A. Favola (D-Arlington) to bar domestic abusers from possessing guns was passed over by the state Senate Finance Committee, which cited a lack of funds. A proposal to loosen gun regulation by allowing lifetime concealed weapon permits was left to die for the same reasons, as were voluntary background checks at gun shows.

Colorado GOP Committee Clears Proposal To Repeal Expanded Background Checks - February 2, 2015

Republicans now control the state senate; and they were able to use their new majority to move at least one of their bills, the measure seeking to repeal the law expanding background checks to private gun sales and transfers, out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 3-2 party-line vote.

"I'm proud we took common sense action today to repeal measures that significantly infringe on Coloradans Second Amendment rights. Coloradans have been clear for years that they hold the Second Amendment near and dear to their hearts and I hope this legislation continues to get a fair hearing throughout the legislative process said Sen. Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs, the bill's sponsor."

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