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T. M. Gathright Wildlife Management Area

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Clay Lick Hollow, VA 22830

Range Type: Rifle

Hours: dawn to dusk

Days Open: September 1 to March 31, closed on Mondays.

Latitude: 38.63454 Longitude: -78.98585


Indoor: No

Outdoor: Yes

Maximum Distance: yards

Firing Points: 0

Handguns Allowed: No

Rifles Allowed: Yes

Range Status: Open

Range Fee:

Cost for the Daily Access Permit is $4.

Cost for the Annual Access Permit is $23.

Cost for the Daily Group Access Permit varies depending on size of group: 01-12 = $25; 13-24 = $50; 25-36 = $75; 37-48 = $100; 49-60 = $125.


The Gathright Area is located about seven miles west of Warm Springs and about 10 miles north of Covington. Access the area via State Route 39 west of Warm Springs and Route 600 south to the management area.

Range Rules:

Rules For Sighting-in Range
1. The Range Is Open For Public Use Tuesday - Sunday From September 1 - March 31. The Range Is Closed From April - August.
2. Hours Of Operation: Closed On Mondays
September Tuesday - Saturday 9am To 6:30pm, Sunday 1pm To 6:30pm
October - January Tues Day - Saturday 9am To 4:30pm, Sunday 1pm To 4:30pm
February - March Tuesday - Saturday 9am To 5:30pm, Sunday 1pm To 5:30pm
3. Only Rifles Or Shotguns Shooting At Stationary Targets Are Allowed.
4. The Use Of Handguns, Fully-automatic Firearms, Tracers, Incendiary- Or Armor-piercing Ammunition Is Prohibited.
5. Shoot Only From Designated Shooting Stations.
6. All Firearms Must Remain Unloaded With Actions Open Until Shooter Is Seated At Firing Position. Loaded Firearms Must Remain Pointed Down Range. Muzzle Should Always Be Pointed In A Safe Direction.
7. Before Going Down Range, Be Sure That Everyone Has Stopped Shooting. Call Out Loudly "is It Safe To Go Down Range?"
8. The Handling Of Any Firearms Is Prohibited While Anyone Is Beyond The Firing Line.
9. All Targets Must Be Attached To Target Frames At Designated Locations On The 25, 50 Or 100 Yard Target Lines. Shooting Of Target Supports Or Posts Is Prohibited.
10. Use Paper Targets Only. Use Of Unauthorized Target Materials Such As Cans, Bottles Or Other Items Is Prohibited.
11. Shooters Must Wear Eye And Ear Protection.
12. Shooters Are Responsible For Cleaning Up All Brass, Shells And Target Materials. Keep The Range Clean And Safe By Taking Your Trash Home.
13. Organized Competitive Shooting Is Prohibited.
14. Alcohol, Narcotic Drugs Or Any Other Intoxicants Are Strictly Prohibited.
15. Please Restrict Shooting Time To 1 Hour When Others Are Waiting.
16. This Area Is Subject To Surveillance By Camera And Plain Clothes Personnel.
17. Report Violations Of Any Range Rules To 1-800-237-5712.

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