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Passed Delaware Firearm Legislation HB55

  this is an anti-gun bill
Legislation Overview

Title: An Act To Amend Title 16 Of The Delaware Code Relating To The Gun Shop Project.

Description: In 2009, New Hampshire was the first state to develop a statewide "Gun Shop Project," reaching out to gun shops regarding the role they can play in suicide prevention. In the years since, at least 21 other states have implemented similar campaigns. This Act establishes the Delaware Gun Shop Project.

Session: 151st General Assembly

Last Action: Signed by Governor

Last Action Date: June 3, 2021


Note: the first sponsor listed is normally the primary sponsor. If a sponsor's name is a hyperlink you can click on it to 'follow the money'.

35 sponsors: Sean Matthews (D); Sarah McBride (D); Bryan Townsend (D); William Bush (D); Valerie Longhurst (D); Kimberly Williams (D); Bruce Ennis (D); Stephanie Hansen (D); Gerald Hocker (R); Spiros Mantzavinos (D); Charles Paradee (D); Brian Pettyjohn (R); Nicole Poore (D); David Sokola (D); Jack Walsh (D); David Wilson (R); Paul Baumbach (D); Andria Bennett (D); David Bentz (D); Gerald Brady (D); Ruth Briggs King (R); Nnamdi Chukwuocha (D); Richard Collins (R); Sherry Dorsey Walker (D); Debra Heffernan (D); Kevin Hensley (R); Kendra Johnson (D); John Kowalko (D); Larry Lambert (D); Sean Lynn (D); John Mitchell (D); Edward Osienski (D); Daniel Short (R); Michael Smith (R); Jeffrey Spiegelman (R);

Percentage of House Of Representatives sponsoring bill: 85% (35 of 41)

Chamber Date Action
Jun 3, 2021 Signed by Governor
Mar 16, 2021 Passed By Senate. Votes: 21 YES
Mar 9, 2021 Reported Out of Committee (Health & Social Services) in Senate with 5 Favorable, 1 On Its Merits
Jan 28, 2021 Assigned to Health & Social Services Committee in Senate
Jan 27, 2021 Passed By House. Votes: 40 YES 1 ABSENT
Jan 27, 2021 Amendment HA 1 to HB 55 - Passed By House. Votes: 40 YES 1 ABSENT
Jan 26, 2021 Amendment HA 1 to HB 55 - Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jan 21, 2021 Reported Out of Committee (Health & Human Development) in House with 9 Favorable, 6 On Its Merits
Dec 18, 2020 Introduced and Assigned to Health & Human Development Committee in House
Type Date State Link Text
Engrossed not available state link bill text
Draft not available state link bill text
Title Description Date State Link Text Adopted
There are no amendments to this bill at this time
Votes - Click on description to view vote roll call
Description Vote Date Yea Votes Nay Votes No Votes Absent Passed
01/27/2021 40 0 0 1 Yes
  • Baumbach, Paul (D) Yea
  • Bennett, Andria (D) Yea
  • Bentz, David (D) Yea
  • Bolden, Stephanie (D) Absent
  • Brady, Gerald (D) Yea
  • Briggs King, Ruth (R) Yea
  • Bush, William (D) Yea
  • Carson, William (D) Yea
  • Chukwuocha, Nnamdi (D) Yea
  • Collins, Richard (R) Yea
  • Cooke, Franklin (D) Yea
  • Dorsey Walker, Sherry (D) Yea
  • Dukes, Timothy (R) Yea
  • Gray, Ronald (R) Yea
  • Griffith, Krista (D) Yea
  • Heffernan, Debra (D) Yea
  • Hensley, Kevin (R) Yea
  • Johnson, Kendra (D) Yea
  • Kowalko, John (D) Yea
  • Lambert, Larry (D) Yea
  • Longhurst, Valerie (D) Yea
  • Lynn, Sean (D) Yea
  • Matthews, Sean (D) Yea
  • Minor-Brown, Melissa (D) Yea
  • Mitchell, John (D) Yea
  • Moore, Sherae'a (D) Yea
  • Morris, Shannon (R) Yea
  • Morrison, Eric (D) Yea
  • Osienski, Edward (D) Yea
  • Postles, Charles (R) Yea
  • Ramone, Michael (R) Yea
  • Schwartzkopf, Peter (D) Yea
  • Short, Daniel (R) Yea
  • Shupe, Bryan (R) Yea
  • Smith, Michael (R) Yea
  • Smyk, Stephen (R) Yea
  • Spiegelman, Jeffrey (R) Yea
  • Vanderwende, Jesse (R) Yea
  • Williams, Kimberly (D) Yea
  • Wilson-Anton, Madinah (D) Yea
  • Yearick, Lyndon (R) Yea
resort votes by: party yeas nays name
03/16/2021 21 0 0 0 Yes
  • Bonini, Colin (R) Yea
  • Brown, Darius (D) Yea
  • Ennis, Bruce (D) Yea
  • Gay, Kyle (D) Yea
  • Hansen, Stephanie (D) Yea
  • Hocker, Gerald (R) Yea
  • Lawson, David (R) Yea
  • Lockman, Elizabeth (D) Yea
  • Lopez, Ernesto (R) Yea
  • Mantzavinos, Spiros (D) Yea
  • McBride, Sarah (D) Yea
  • Paradee, W. Charles (D) Yea
  • Pettyjohn, Brian (R) Yea
  • Pinkney, Marie (D) Yea
  • Poore, Nicole (D) Yea
  • Richardson, Bryant (R) Yea
  • Sokola, David (D) Yea
  • Sturgeon, Laura (D) Yea
  • Townsend, Bryan (D) Yea
  • Walsh, John (D) Yea
  • Wilson, David (R) Yea
resort votes by: party yeas nays name

Link: link to state bill page

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