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Knight Trail Park Pistol and Rifle Range

This range has not been reviewed yet.

Address: 3445 Rustic Road

Nokomis, FL 34275

Range Type: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Trap, Skeet

Hours: 9am to 4pm

Days Open: Wednesday - Sunday

Latitude: 27.13659 Longitude: -82.45014

Phone: 941 486-2351

Indoor: No

Outdoor: Yes

Maximum Distance: 100 yards

Firing Points: 70

Handguns Allowed: Yes

Rifles Allowed: Yes

Range Status: Open

Range Fee:


Range Rules:

I. Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded.

Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.

Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Always keep your gun unloaded until you are at the firing line and the range is declared "HOT". Firearms must be safe (unloaded – magazines removed and actions opened) when entering or exiting the range.

II. Commands issued by Range Officers and Range Personnel must be obeyed immediately and without question.

Cease Firing: Immediately stop shooting when anyone calls "Cease firing".

COLD Range: Range Officers will check that shooters firearms are unloaded, actions open and firearms laid down on the shooting bench, before allowing anyone to go down range. No one is permitted to handle firearms or stand at the firing line while there is a cold range.

HOT Range: Range Officers will check that there is no one down range; when the range is declared "HOT" shooters are permitted to commence firing. Only shooters are permitted on the firing line. (No spectators allowed). Shooters may move safe guns to and from the firing line only when the range if "HOT".

III. Keep the range safe and clean

All shooters are responsible for their rounds staying within the confines of this range. Shooters may shoot only from the firing line at the target in line with their position. Shooting at items placed on the ground or at targets not posted at the appropriate height on the target frame enables rounds to escape the range.

Rapid firing and drawing from a holster is prohibited unless authorized during a Commission sanctioned shooting event of Commission established practice. Persons shooting rifles or handguns shall allow a minimum of two (2) seconds between each round fired.

Respect the range: Please place your trash in the trash receptacles and your spent brass into the recycling receptacles. Shoot approved targets only. Buckshot, birdshot, tracer, armor piercing and incendiary ammunition is prohibited. When going downrange stay on the walkways to and from the targets. Access to the backstop and all areas outside of the target lines and walkways is prohibited.

Respect yourself: Wear eye and ear protection. Shooters should wear clothing that helps protect their skin from flying particles and ejected cases. Eating and smoking is not allowed on the firing line. You should wash your hands and face after shooting. Open containers of alcoholic beverages, or shooting under the influence of alcoholic beverages, chemical substances or controlled substances is specifically prohibited by law.

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