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Hawkeye Wildlife Shooting Range

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Address: 2200 Amana Rd NW

Swisher, IA 52338

Range Type: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle


Days Open:

Latitude: 41.84873 Longitude: -91.69704

Phone: 319 330-7013

Indoor: No

Outdoor: Yes

Maximum Distance: yards

Firing Points: 0

Handguns Allowed: Yes

Rifles Allowed: Yes

Range Status: Open

Range Fee:



Range Rules:

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Member Reviews For This Range

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Submitting member: Daniel M

Submitted on: April 20, 2014

Hawkeye Wildlife Shooting Range

Located along the Iowa river near Swisher, Iowa the Hawkeye Wildlife shooting range is an outdoor range with areas set up for short, medium and long range as well as a shotgun only range. 28 years ago this was nothing more than an area where people dumped old appliances and junk, and although not an official shooting range everyone went there to shoot for lack of anywhere else to go. Since then the Iowa DNR provided funding and the site was turned into a pretty good range with plenty of parking, shooting tables and high backstops. Getting there can be a challenge when it has been raining or snowing, the road is dirt and not maintained as well as hard surfaced roads. Still it is a very good range and the people who use it are generally good folks and safety conscious. And if you are a brass collector, this place will keep you busy and well stocked.