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AMGOA is Growing Into a New Role by Becoming a Non-Profit Organization

Update March 24, 2020 We have completed part one of our goal to become a non-profit. On March 20, 2020 the Secretary of State of Wyoming granted our conversion to a non-rpfit. We now have to complete all the paperwork and filings with the IRS to complete the process. We can still use help financially if you are able.

After a review of the evolution of the American Gun Owners Alliance we have decided to transition into the future by becoming a non-profit. When the American Gun Alliance was started we were uncertain as to how we would fit into the fight to protect the 2nd Amendment. Even though we considered registering as a 501c4 non-profit at the time, financial constraints caused us to adopt a 'wait and see' position before converting the corporation into a non-profit.

Over the years as our site and membership have grown there have been many calls for us to convert to a 501c4 and now we think the time is right. We are currently asking for donations and seeking new supporting members to help offset the costs of the conversion which are estimated to be between 3-4 thousand dollars (legal fees, corporate change fees and the IRS non-profit filing fees).

So, What Are The Advantages Of Changing To A 501C4 Non-Profit?

Once our non-profit status has been approved by the IRS we can then begin accepting donations not just from people like you but also businesses and other corporations. Accepting donations from corporations gives us a big advantage in fundraising to allow us to move deeper into litigation to fight for everyone's 2A rights. It will also help us move our organization into what we call 'phase two' which will allow smaller organizations to use our platform to fight at the local level.

What's This Phase Two Thing?

Since the day the idea for the American Gun Owners Alliance came into being we have envisioned allowing any and all smaller pro-gun groups to use our system to help them fight local and state battles. Our system will allow a group to sign up it's members along with the organization's information. As these groups grow in our system, they will be able to use our 'groups' database to locate and reach out to other groups in their state / area. Why is this important? Simply put it allows groups that might not work together (or even know about each other) to better coordinate efforts between individuals and organizations when organized political efforts are of critical importance. Consider this example:

Let's say in Ohio we have a group from the Cleveland area that is a Democrat female-based pro-gun group. In Columbus there is a chapter of the Pink Pistols (the pink pistols are a gay pro-gun group if you weren't aware). Lastly there is a group that is primarily conservative men from the Cincinnati area. An anti-gun initiative comes up in one of these three group's area and they want to present a show of force to deal with the politicians. Our system would provide a pathway for any of these groups to reach out to the other groups to ask for support. Coordinating events through one database and system gives all these groups more leverage to fight for their rights. Smaller groups coming together for an 'event' will present a unified front to stop the anti-gun threats facing us all.

As this system grows it will rapidly expand the impact and power of each and every one of these groups to stand up to the anti-gun crowd and politicians. As the cries for more and more gun control grow louder and louder each day we MUST find a way to band together and fight back. We think this idea is just what's needed to do that!

What Else Will Donations And Membership Fees Be Used For?

Once we are granted our non-profit status and begin working on 'phase two' we will also be using donations and membership fees to back lawsuits across the country and in Washington DC. More and more challenges to our rights are happening each and every day and it takes money to fight back in court. This (along with keeping you up to date with what's going on) is our main goal. We MUST start fighting back aggressively and smartly before our rights are lost forever!

Please consider donating to help us achieve these goals. If you are not already a supporting member, or if you are currently a free member please consider becoming a supporting member. If you are a gun dealer, a gun rights attorney or gun show promoter you can also help by signing up for one of our premium business plans that help you reach more clients while helping us build AMGOA into a political powerhouse to defend the Constitution from 'ALL enemies, Foreign and Domestic'.

If you would prefer not to use our online system you can mail donations to:

American Gun Owners Alliance
PO Box 43
Mountainhome, PA 18342

To become a supporting member by mail please use our supporting member sign up form and mail it to the address above. We will send a confirmation email to you when we get your application and your membership has been created.

Please make checks payable to 'American Gun Owners Alliance'

Thank you for your support!