Help us keep you informed about new legislation that could effect your right to bear arms. Even a small donation helps us keep this running. Please consider signing up for a paying membership or making a donation, every little bit helps.

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Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

Contact Name: none on file

Address: PO Box 11144

Kansas City, MO 64119

Phone: 816 333-9672


Email: none on file / private

About This Organization:

WMSA, the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation created to inform concerned Missouri citizens about legislation that affects their rights. This has become necessary since the majority of the news media knowingly suppresses the truth about gun control and seldom presents the pro-gun side of a story. This is, we believe, a violation of the 1st Amendment in order to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. It is our intention to educate the public and promote freedom as both our Constitution and Bill of Rights so clearly specify, and as our founding fathers intended.