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We, As Gun Owners Need To Grow Up And Get Over It

by Dave Dalton on February 26, 2015

Dave here (founder of the American Gun Owners Alliance)

There's something I need to get out, and something that everyone needs to understand about our fight for our rights.

There's a few things I have seen going on in 'gun community' for years and honestly it's time to put the record straight and people, all 'gun' people need to pay attention.

1) The bickering between gun owners (aka hunters versus shooters etc) HAS to stop. We, as a group, can not defend our rights to hunt, protect ourselves and our families, sport shoot etc etc until we all realize our right to do any of the above are under attack.

The sooner we all 'get' that we are all part of one 'group' and that the extremest liberal minority feels 'we' are a problem the sooner we can run these idiots out on a rail.

2) Also we need (as a group) to realize 'gun owners' come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, all genders, all religious (or not) backgrounds and all political 'convictions'.

People that believe in gun rights 'come in' black, white, brown or whatever 'color' you can think of.

They are men and women, they are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and whatever proclivity you can think of.

They are Republican, they are Democrats, Independents and are also not affiliated with any party.

They are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist and Agnostic.

But what is most important is they believe in their rights under the second amendment.

We don't all believe in everything equally BUT we all agree we have the right to hunt, the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

We all believe in what our forefathers knew was an absolute right. The right to defend ourselves from all enemies 'foreign or domestic' and yes in extreme cases that means our own government, but as long as we bicker like children, as long as we fight each other over petty things that in the long run mean nothing, we are playing into the hands of those that would take away those rights.

There is a radical 'faction' within these United States these days. The 'media' might lead you to believe it is gun owners but I am here to tell you that faction is lead by statists. Statists like Michael Bloomberg who feel the 'common man' is too stupid to know what is good for them. He (and his ilk) feels we need to be subjugated and told what to think and who to fear. He (and again his ilk) think they know what's best for us and what our constitution should mean.

Plain and simple these kind expect us to bow down to their ideals (and their money) and do what we are told, no matter how much it goes against our very lives.

Our forefathers weren't stupid. As a matter of fact they were scholars, scholars of failed governments. They KNEW a population 'ruled' by a very few was not what they wanted and they knew if that happened (as it did under King George) it was bound to fail.

They knew the meaning of a 'free man' (excuse me ladies, using the language of the day.) That if a 'free man' had no right to defend himself, nor had a right to feed his family, he was in fact not a 'free man'

No these men were not stupid, they were in fact some of the most thoughtful men I have ever read. They took all they knew, from all the failed governments throughout history and said "Make this stop"

And so they thought they would create something that could not fail, and bless them for that.

But today many feel these great men couldn't foresee the future. What these people don't get is that these men didn't need to see the future because they had seen the past. As that old saying goes 'The past is bound to repeat itself' and by god they knew it.

So here we are, repeating way too many pasts where a small minority of people think they know best and are hell bent to 'rule', exactly what our forefathers tried to prevent.

Shall we argue, bicker and complain about our 'differences' or shall we FINALLY cast off that nonsense and stand together?

As Ben Franklin most famously said: "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."

So, shall we continue to bitch at each other and hang separately or shall we take this beast on as a whole and beat these statists? Honestly if they want to hang us together they MIGHT have a bit of a problem.

Please, think about it