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Sheriff Brigades Of Pennsylvania

Contact Name: William Taylor Reil and Donna Fike

Address: P.O. Box 211

Elverson, PA 19520

Phone: none on file


Email: none on file / private

About This Organization:

The County Sheriff Brigades of Pennsylvania (CSBP) is a group of concerned Citizens in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania devoted to helping each County Sheriff Brigade in this Commonwealth accomplish their mission to educate and network the Citizens of the County for the support of their constitutional Sheriff as he or she upholds their solemn "oath of office", keep the peace, and preserve and protect the inalienable rights of "We The People".

The CSBP is not affiliated with any Sheriff or any Sheriff's office.

The CSBP is not to be construed as being a militia group, a para-military group, or as having anything to do with violence or hostility toward any person or group or cause.

The CSBP is a law abiding grassroots organization comprised of patriotic, freedom loving Americans. We invite anyone who may experience even the slightest initial reaction of anxiety or fear about CSBP and/or any County Sheriff Brigade to become enlightened and informed about who we are. We encourage everyone in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to join a County Sheriff Brigade in celebrating and protecting the blessings of freedom and truth in our great State and nation.