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SIG SAUER Academy Details

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Contact: George Harris

Address: 233 Exeter Road Epping, NH 03042

Phone: click to view


Training Offered By SIG SAUER Academy
  • Active Shooter Response Instructor
  • Advanced Defensive Rifle
  • Advanced Dynamics for Competitive Shooter
  • Advanced Dynamics for the USPSA Shooter
  • Advanced Handgun
  • Advanced IDPA
  • Advanced Precision Rifle
  • Advanced Tactical Rifle
  • Advanced Tactical Shotgun
  • Alternative Shooting Positions
  • Ankle Holster Operator
  • Armorer Certification P232/P230 Pistols
  • Armorer Certification P250 Pistol
  • Armorer Certification SIG PRO Pistols
  • Armorer Certification SIG SAUER 1911
  • Armorer Certification SIG SAUER 516 Rifle
  • Armorer Certification SIG SAUER M400/M16/M4/AR-15 Rifle
  • Armorer Certification SIG SAUER Pistols (Classic)
  • Armorer Certification SIG556 Rifle
  • Armorer Certification SIG556 Rifle/Select Fire - LE
  • Armorer/Operator Certification SIG SAUER 1911
  • Armorer/Operator Certification SIG SAUER P250
  • Ballistic Shield Instructor
  • Basic Handgun for Seniors
  • Bullets and Bandages
  • Bullets and Vehicles
  • CAPS Dynamic Livefire Judgement
  • Close Quarter Handgun
  • Close Quarter Long Gun
  • Cold Weather Carbine
  • Defensive 3 Gun
  • Defensive Handgun
  • Defensive Rifle
  • Defensive Shooting
  • Defensive Shotgun
  • Executive Protection
  • First Aid for Range Officers
  • Handgun
  • Handgun Ladies Only
  • IDPA Classifier
  • IDPA Competition
  • Intermediate Competitive Skills Development (IDPA & USPSA)
  • Law Enforcement Handgun
  • Live Fire Team Tactics Pistol
  • Long Range Pistol Shooting
  • Low Light Handgun
  • Mastering Low Light Skills for IDPA
  • New Hampshire CCW
  • Night Handgun
  • One Hand Pistol Operator
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • Pistol Skill Builder
  • Point vs Precision
  • Police Marksman (Sniper)
  • Police Rifle
  • Precision Rifle
  • Principles of Personal Survival
  • Protective Shooting Home & Vehicle Defense
  • Tactical Pistol

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