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Rochester Personal Defense, LLC. Details

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Rochester Personal Defense, LLC.

Contact: David S. Jenkins

Address: PO Box 67333 Rochester, NY 14617

Phone: click to view


Training Offered By Rochester Personal Defense, LLC.
  • Accelerated Heartrate Training
  • Advanced Self Defense
  • Barrier and Ballistic Penetration Demo and Workshop
  • Basic Concealed Carry
  • Carbine For Ladies
  • College Bound/Young Adult Personal Protection and Safety
  • Combat Focus
  • Concealed Carry Ladies Only
  • Defensive Carbine
  • Defensive Handgun
  • Defensive Handgun Ladies Only
  • Defensive Pistol
  • Defensive Pistol Ladies Only
  • Defensive Rifle
  • Defensive Shotgun
  • Florida CHL
  • H.R. 218
  • Handgun Retention
  • Handgun Skills
  • Home Defense Tactics
  • Intermediate Self Defense
  • Ladies Run Safer
  • Low Light Handgun
  • NRA Basic Instructor
  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Basic Pistol Ladies
  • NRA Basic Pistol Youth
  • NRA Home Firearm Safety
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Rifle Instructor
  • NRA Shotgun Instructor
  • New York CPL
  • Rifle
  • Self Defense
  • Self Defense with Pepper Spray
  • Shotgun
  • Support Hand Skills
  • The Equalizer
  • Utah CCP
  • Vehicle Defense

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