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Quail Creek Shooting Range

average rating   Rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 1 member reviews.

Address: I35W FM 1171

Argyle, TX 76226

Range Type: Pistol, Rifle

Hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Days Open: Tuesday - Sunday

Latitude: 33.10483 Longitude: -97.16482

Phone: 904 648-3356

Indoor: No

Outdoor: Yes

Maximum Distance: 100 yards

Firing Points: 0

Handguns Allowed: Yes

Rifles Allowed: Yes

Range Status: Open

Range Fee:

Range Fees (daily per person)

Rifle & Pistol - $14.00

Youth (age 15 and under w/adult) - $8.00

Archery - $8.00

Archery/Rifle/Pistol Combo - $18.00

Discount Cards

5 Range Fees - $60.00 - Save $10.00

10 Range Fees - $120.00 - Save $20.00

15% Discount on Range Fees for Active Duty Military


Range Rules:

Q. C. has a proud tradition as a shooter and family oriented range. Safety is always our our first concern, and all rules are for your safety.

Children are always welcome, however Range Officers cannot be baby-sitters. Children under 18 must be directly supervised at all times! Simply stated - if you are shooting they are not and vice-versa.

1.) Rifle range: No Full Metal Jacket ammo. All ammo must be soft point or hollow point. If you're not sure ask the Range Officer. No full auto, 2 seconds between shots minimum! No 50 cal BMG. The 100 yard rifle range allows for seated benchrest style - NO off hand, prone, etc allowed. We have other ranges where these techniques can be practiced.

2.) Pistol range: No rapid fire! 2 seconds between shots minimum! You may fire handguns on the rifle range with R.O. approval (some rifles allowed on pistol range, see R.O.)

3.) DO NOT move in front of shooting benches except during "Cease Fire". All firearms must be point down range (toward targets) at all time.

4.) When you are ready to check or replace targets, make sure all slides are locked back/cylinders open. Get everything you need, stand up and move back behind benches. You will NOT be allowed to approach the benches during a cease fire, while people are down range.

5.) NO alchohol is allowed on the premises!

6.) If you have any question, concerns or firearm issues consult the R.O. or come to the office.

7.) Any unsafe shooters will be cautioned ONCE by the R.O. Always obey the R.O. They are there to ensure safe shooting.

8.) Unsafe shooters should be reported to the R.O. immediately.

9.) Safety first! Any unsafe action may be, at the R.O.s discretion, cause for removal. R.O. decision will be firmly endorsed by the management.

10.) Shoot only at posted targets.

11.) Be safe and courteous.

Safety is our FIRST and LAST concern!

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Submitting member: john w

Submitted on: February 28, 2014

Well worth the drive!

I went to Quail Creek with low expectations, I have had some pretty poor experiences recently in the DFW area. This was not on of them, from the first person I walked past to the last person I waved goodbye to, this place is set a part from the others. My wife had not been shooting with me in a while so she was a little nervous, all the pleasant staff and patrons really put her at ease. We had family from out of town as well joining us. They agreed unanimously it was the most pleasant shooting range they had ever been to. The facilities have recently been redone and upgraded. Just like the rest of the property the retail store was clean and organized with friendly helpful staff. Quail Creek is way out of my way, but like I said, well worth the drive!