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Proposed South Carolina Firearm Legislation S0293

  this is an pro-gun bill
Legislation Overview

Title: Concealed weapons permit

Description: Amend The Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, By Adding Section 23-31-232 So As To Provide A Concealed Weapon Permit Holder May Carry A Concealable Weapon On School Property Leased By A Church For Church Services Or Official Church Activities If The Church Or Its Governing Body Provides Express Permission To The Permit Holder, And To Provide That This Section Only Applies During The Time That The Church Has Access To The Property For Its Services Or Activities.

Session: 123rd General Assembly

Last Action: Debate adjourned

Last Action Date: September 23, 2020


Note: the first sponsor listed is normally the primary sponsor. If a sponsor's name is a hyperlink you can click on it to 'follow the money'.

4 sponsors: Richard Cash (R); Thomas Corbin (R); Rex Rice (R); Danny Verdin (R);

Percentage of Senate sponsoring bill: 9% (4 of 46)

Chamber Date Action
House Sep 23, 2020 Debate adjourned
House Sep 23, 2020 Amended
House Sep 22, 2020 Recalled from Committee on Judiciary
House Apr 24, 2019 Referred to Committee on Judiciary
House Apr 24, 2019 Introduced and read first time
Senate Apr 11, 2019 Read third time and sent to House
Apr 11, 2019 Scrivener's error corrected
Senate Apr 10, 2019 Read second time
Senate Apr 10, 2019 Committee Amendment Tabled
Senate Apr 10, 2019 Amended
Senate Apr 10, 2019 Roll call Ayes-41 Nays-0
Apr 4, 2019 Scrivener's error corrected
Senate Apr 3, 2019 Committee report: Favorable with amendment Judiciary
Senate Mar 15, 2019 Referred to Subcommittee: Malloy (ch), Massey, Cash
Senate Jan 8, 2019 Referred to Committee on Judiciary
Senate Jan 8, 2019 Introduced and read first time
Senate Dec 12, 2018 Prefiled
Senate Dec 12, 2018 Referred to Committee on Judiciary
Type Date State Link Text
Amended Sep 22, 2020 state link bill text
Amended Apr 11, 2019 state link bill text
Amended Apr 10, 2019 state link bill text
Comm Sub Apr 4, 2019 state link bill text
Comm Sub Apr 3, 2019 state link bill text
Introduced Dec 12, 2018 state link bill text
Title Description Date State Link Text Adopted
There are no amendments to this bill at this time
Votes - Click on description to view vote roll call
Description Vote Date Yea Votes Nay Votes No Votes Absent Passed
04/10/2019 41 0 3 0 Yes
  • Alexander, Thomas (R) Yea
  • Allen, Karl (D) Yea
  • Bennett, Sean (R) Yea
  • Campbell, Paul (R) NV
  • Campsen, George (R) Yea
  • Cash, Richard (R) Yea
  • Climer, David (R) Yea
  • Corbin, Thomas (R) Yea
  • Cromer, Ronnie (R) Yea
  • Davis, Thomas (R) Yea
  • Fanning, Michael (D) Yea
  • Gambrell, Michael (R) Yea
  • Goldfinch, Stephen (R) NV
  • Gregory, Chauncey (R) Yea
  • Grooms, Lawrence (R) Yea
  • Harpootlian, Richard (D) Yea
  • Hembree, Greg (R) Yea
  • Hutto, C. Bradley (D) Yea
  • Jackson, Darrell (D) Yea
  • Johnson, Kevin (D) Yea
  • Kimpson, Marlon (D) NV
  • Loftis, Dwight (R) Yea
  • Malloy, Gerald (D) Yea
  • Martin, Shane (R) Yea
  • Massey, A. Shane (R) Yea
  • Matthews, John (D) Yea
  • Matthews, Margie (D) Yea
  • McElveen, Thomas (D) Yea
  • McLeod, Maymia (D) Yea
  • Nicholson, Floyd (D) Yea
  • Peeler, Harvey (R) Yea
  • Rankin, Luke (R) Yea
  • Reese, Glenn (D) Yea
  • Rice, Rex (R) Yea
  • Sabb, Ronnie (D) Yea
  • Scott, John (D) Yea
  • Senn, Sandra (R) Yea
  • Setzler, Nikki (D) Yea
  • Shealy, Katrina (R) Yea
  • Talley, Scott (R) Yea
  • Turner, Ross (R) Yea
  • Verdin, Danny (R) Yea
  • Williams, Kent (D) Yea
  • Young, Thomas (R) Yea
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Link: link to state bill page

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