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Proposed Michigan Firearm Legislation HB4030

  this is an pro-gun bill
Legislation Overview

Title: Weapons: licensing; concealed pistol licensing fee; modify. Amends secs. 5b & 5l of 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.425b & 28.425l). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4498'21

Subject: Weapons: licensing: Weapons: concealed: Weapons: firearms

Description: Weapons: licensing; concealed pistol licensing fee; modify. Amends secs. 5b & 5l of 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.425b & 28.425l). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4498'21

Session: 101st Legislature

Last Action: Referred To Committee Of The Whole

Last Action Date: May 26, 2022


Note: the first sponsor listed is normally the primary sponsor. If a sponsor's name is a hyperlink you can click on it to 'follow the money'.

1 sponsors: Michele Hoitenga (R);

Percentage of House Of Representatives sponsoring bill: 1% (1 of 110)

Chamber Date Action
Senate May 26, 2022 Referred To Committee Of The Whole
Senate May 26, 2022 Reported Favorably Without Amendment
Senate May 3, 2022 Reassigned To Committee On Regulatory Reform
Senate May 3, 2022 Placed On Order Of General Orders
Senate May 3, 2022 Discharge Committee Approved
Senate May 27, 2021 Referred To Committee On Government Operations
House May 26, 2021 Read A Third Time
House May 26, 2021 Passed; Given Immediate Effect Roll Call # 243 Yeas 66 Nays 43 Excused 0 Not Voting 1
House May 26, 2021 Title Amended
House May 26, 2021 Transmitted
House May 25, 2021 Placed On Third Reading
House May 25, 2021 Substitute (h-2) Adopted
House May 25, 2021 Read A Second Time
House May 11, 2021 Reported With Recommendation With Substitute (h-2)
House May 11, 2021 Referred To Second Reading
House Jan 28, 2021 Bill Electronically Reproduced 01/27/2021
House Jan 27, 2021 Read A First Time
House Jan 27, 2021 Referred To Committee On Military, Veterans And Homeland Security
House Jan 27, 2021 Introduced By Representative Michele Hoitenga
Type Date State Link Text
Engrossed May 26, 2021 state link bill text
Introduced Feb 1, 2021 state link bill text
Title Description Date State Link Text Adopted
House Substitute (H-2) House Substitute (H-2) May 11, 2021 State Link amendment text No
Votes - Click on description to view vote roll call
Description Vote Date Yea Votes Nay Votes No Votes Absent Passed
05/11/2021 6 1 0 0 Yes
  • Beeler, Andrew (R) Yea
  • Bezotte, Robert (R) Yea
  • Eisen, Gary (R) Yea
  • LaFave, Beau (R) Yea
  • Martin, David (R) Yea
  • Rogers, Julie (D) Nay
  • Steenland, Richard (D) Yea
resort votes by: party yeas nays name
05/26/2021 66 43 0 0 Yes
  • Aiyash, Abraham (D) Nay
  • Albert, Thomas (R) Yea
  • Alexander, Julie (R) Yea
  • Allor, Sue (R) Yea
  • Anthony, Sarah (D) Nay
  • Beeler, Andrew (R) Yea
  • Bellino, Joseph (R) Yea
  • Berman, Ryan (R) Yea
  • Beson, Timothy (R) Yea
  • Bezotte, Robert (R) Yea
  • Bollin, Ann (R) Yea
  • Borton, Ken (R) Yea
  • Brabec, Felicia (D) Nay
  • Brann, Tommy (R) Nay
  • Breen, Kelly (D) Nay
  • Brixie, Julie (D) Nay
  • Calley, Julie (R) Yea
  • Cambensy, Sara (D) Yea
  • Camilleri, Darrin (D) Nay
  • Carra, Steve (R) Yea
  • Carter, Brenda (D) Nay
  • Carter, Tyrone (D) Nay
  • Cavanagh, Mary (D) Nay
  • Cherry, John (D) Nay
  • Clemente, Cara (D) Nay
  • Clements, TC (R) Yea
  • Coleman, Kevin (D) Yea
  • Damoose, John (R) Yea
  • Eisen, Gary (R) Yea
  • Ellison, Jim (D) Nay
  • Farrington, Diana (R) Yea
  • Filler, Graham (R) Yea
  • Fink, Andrew (R) Yea
  • Frederick, Ben (R) Yea
  • Garza, Alex (D) Yea
  • Glenn, Annette (R) Yea
  • Green, Phil (R) Yea
  • Griffin, Elizabeth (R) Yea
  • Haadsma, Jim (D) Yea
  • Hall, Matthew (R) Yea
  • Hammoud, Abdullah (D) Nay
  • Harris Bolden, Kyra (D) Nay
  • Hauck, Roger (R) Yea
  • Hertel, Kevin (D) Nay
  • Hoitenga, Michele (R) Yea
  • Hood, Rachel (D) Nay
  • Hope, Kara (D) Nay
  • Hornberger, Pamela (R) Yea
  • Howell, Gary (R) Yea
  • Huizenga, Mark (R) Yea
  • Johnson, Cynthia (D) Nay
  • Johnson, Steven (R) Yea
  • Jones, Jewell (D) Nay
  • Kahle, Bronna (R) Yea
  • Koleszar, Matt (D) Nay
  • Kuppa, Padma (D) Nay
  • LaFave, Beau (R) Yea
  • LaGrand, David (D) Nay
  • Lasinski, Donna (D) Nay
  • Liberati, Tullio (D) Yea
  • Lightner, Sarah (R) Yea
  • Lilly, Jim (R) Yea
  • Maddock, Matthew (R) Yea
  • Manoogian, Mari (D) Nay
  • Marino, Steven (R) Yea
  • Markkanen, Gregory (R) Yea
  • Martin, David (R) Yea
  • Meerman, Luke (R) Yea
  • Morse, Christine (D) Nay
  • Mueller, Mike (R) Yea
  • Neeley, Cynthia (D) Nay
  • O'Malley, Jack (R) Yea
  • O'Neal, Amos (D) Nay
  • Outman, Patrick (R) Yea
  • Paquette, Brad (R) Yea
  • Peterson, Ronnie (D) Nay
  • Pohutsky, Laurie (D) Nay
  • Posthumus, Bryan (R) Yea
  • Puri, Ranjeev (D) Nay
  • Rabhi, Yousef (D) Nay
  • Reilly, John (R) Yea
  • Rendon, Daire (R) Yea
  • Rogers, Julie (D) Nay
  • Roth, John (R) Yea
  • Sabo, Terry (D) Nay
  • Scott, Helena (D) Nay
  • Shannon, Nate (D) Yea
  • Slagh, Bradley (R) Yea
  • Sneller, Tim (D) Yea
  • Sowerby, William (D) Nay
  • Steckloff, Samantha (D) Nay
  • Steenland, Richard (D) Yea
  • Stone, Lori (D) Nay
  • Tate, Joe (D) Nay
  • Thanedar, Shri (D) Nay
  • Tisdel, Mark (R) Yea
  • VanSingel, Scott (R) Yea
  • VanWoerkom, Greg (R) Yea
  • Wakeman, Rodney (R) Yea
  • Weiss, Regina (D) Nay
  • Wendzel, Pauline (R) Yea
  • Wentworth, Jason (R) Yea
  • Whiteford, Mary (R) Yea
  • Whitsett, Karen (D) Yea
  • Witwer, Angela (D) Yea
  • Wozniak, Douglas (R) Yea
  • Yancey, Tenisha (D) Nay
  • Yaroch, Jeffrey (R) Yea
  • Young, Stephanie (D) Nay
resort votes by: party yeas nays name
05/26/2022 7 2 0 0 Yes
  • Huizenga, Mark (R) Yea
  • Johnson, Ruth (R) Yea
  • Lauwers, Dan (R) Yea
  • Moss, Jeremy (D) Nay
  • Nesbitt, Aric (R) Yea
  • Theis, Lana (R) Yea
  • VanderWall, Curtis (R) Yea
  • Wojno, Paul (D) Nay
  • Zorn, Dale (R) Yea
resort votes by: party yeas nays name

Link: link to state bill page

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