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Proposed Illinois Firearm Legislation SB1760

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Legislation Overview


Description: Amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act. Provides that if the Department of State Police fails to either approve or deny an application for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card within 30 days from the date it is received, the applicant may file, in the circuit court of the judicial circuit in which the applicant resides, a complaint for mandamus to compel a decision on the application. Provides that if the applicant prevails, he or she shall be entitled to all costs, fees, and damages. Provides that the applicant shall also be entitled to punitive damages of $1,000 per day commencing on the 31st day that the application has not been approved. Provides that for the purposes of this Act, the Department shall be considered to have received an application when either the Department or anyone acting as its agent or on its behalf receives a completed application with the required fee.

Session: 98th General Assembly

Last Action: Pursuant to Senate Rule 3-9(b) / Referred to Assignments

Last Action Date: August 9, 2013


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1 sponsors: Dale A. Righter;

Percentage of Senate sponsoring bill: 2% (1 of 59)

Chamber Date Action
Senate Aug 9, 2013 Pursuant to Senate Rule 3-9(b) / Referred to Assignments
Senate May 10, 2013 Rule 2-10 Committee/3rd Reading Deadline Established As May 31, 2013
Senate Apr 29, 2013 Rule 2-10 Third Reading Deadline Established As May 3, 2013
Senate Apr 19, 2013 Rule 2-10 Committee Deadline Established As May 10, 2013
Senate Mar 22, 2013 Rule 2-10 Committee Deadline Established As April 19, 2013
Senate Mar 5, 2013 To Subcommittee on Firearms
Senate Feb 27, 2013 Assigned to Judiciary
Senate Feb 15, 2013 Filed with Secretary by Sen. Dale A. Righter
Senate Feb 15, 2013 Referred to Assignments
Senate Feb 15, 2013 First Reading
Type Date State Link Text
Introduced Feb 15, 2013 state link bill text
Title Description Date State Link Text Adopted
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