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Proposed Illinois Firearm Legislation HB3009

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Legislation Overview


Description: Amends the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act. Provides that nothing in provisions regarding emergency powers of the Governor shall be construed to allow the Governor to order any business to cease operation or to prohibit customers from traveling to a business.

Session: 102nd General Assembly

Last Action: Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Mark Luft

Last Action Date: February 10, 2022


Note: the first sponsor listed is normally the primary sponsor. If a sponsor's name is a hyperlink you can click on it to 'follow the money'.

8 sponsors: Tim Ozinga (R); Andrew Chesney (R); Adam Niemerg (R); Tony McCombie (R); Tom Weber (R); Daniel Swanson (R); Joe Sosnowski (R); Mark Luft (R);

Percentage of House Of Representatives sponsoring bill: 7% (8 of 118)

Chamber Date Action
House Feb 10, 2022 Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Mark Luft
House Sep 30, 2021 Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Joe Sosnowski
House Sep 29, 2021 Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Daniel Swanson
House Aug 24, 2021 Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Tom Weber
House Mar 27, 2021 Rule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee
House Mar 17, 2021 Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Tony McCombie
House Mar 16, 2021 Assigned to Executive Committee
House Mar 12, 2021 Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Adam Niemerg
House Mar 8, 2021 Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Andrew S. Chesney
House Feb 19, 2021 Referred to Rules Committee
House Feb 19, 2021 First Reading
House Feb 18, 2021 Filed with the Clerk by Rep. Tim Ozinga
Type Date State Link Text
Introduced Feb 18, 2021 state link bill text
Title Description Date State Link Text Adopted
There are no amendments to this bill at this time
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