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Proposed Federal Firearm Legislation HB1577

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Legislation Overview

Title: McLelland-Hasse Line of Duty Act

Subject: Administrative law and regulatory procedures: Assault and harassment offenses: Civil actions and liability: Correctional facilities and imprisonment: Criminal investigation, prosecution, interrogation: Criminal procedure and sentencing: Department of Justice: Educational facilities and institutions: Firearms and explosives: Fires: First responders and emergency personnel: Government buildings, facilities, and property: Government liability: Judges: Law enforcement administration and funding: Law enforcement officers: Legal fees and court costs: Protection of officials: Violent crime: Crime and law enforcement

Description: McLelland-Hasse Line of Duty Act - Amends the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to: (1) require the use of grant funds under the community-oriented policing services program to train and provide security details for prosecutors and judges, including their immediate families, involved in cases that raise substantial concerns of retaliation or intimidation through violent acts; and (2) allow grants under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program to fund prosecutorial and judicial security details and programs. Amends the federal criminal code to make it unlawful to: (1) kill, or attempt or conspire to kill, a U.S. judge, a federal law enforcement officer, or a federally funded public safety officer engaged in official duties or a former U.S. judge, federal law enforcement officer, or federal funded public safety officer on account of past performance of official duties; or (2) travel in interstate commerce to avoid prosecution for such crimes. Expands criminal penalties for assaulting or interfering with law enforcement officers and employees. Permits judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials to carry firearms in federal facilities where such possession is otherwise authorized by law. Limits damages and costs in legal actions against a judicial officer by an individual injured during the commission of a felony or a crime of violence. Requires the Director of the Bureau of Prisons to ensure that each federal penal or correctional institution provides a secure firearms storage area for use by all employees who are authorized to carry a firearm.

Session: 113th Congress

Last Action: Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

Last Action Date: April 30, 2013



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3 sponsors: Poe, Ted; Burgess, Michael C.; Hensarling, Jeb;

Percentage of House Of Representatives sponsoring bill: 1% (3 of 435)

Chamber Date Action
House Apr 30, 2013 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.
House Apr 16, 2013 Sponsor introductory remarks on measure. (CR H2029)
House Apr 16, 2013 Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
Type Date Federal Link Text
Introduced Apr 23 2013 federal link bill text
Title Description Date State Link Text Adopted
There are no amendments to this bill at this time

Chamber: H

Committee Name: Judiciary

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