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Proposed Arkansas Firearm Legislation HB1390

  this is an pro-gun bill
Legislation Overview

Title: To Establish Arkansas As A Second Amendment Sanctuary State; Concerning The Rights Of A Person Who Possesses A Firearm; And To Require Ratification To Recognize Federal Firearms Laws.

Description: To Establish Arkansas As A Second Amendment Sanctuary State; Concerning The Rights Of A Person Who Possesses A Firearm; And To Require Ratification To Recognize Federal Firearms Laws.

Session: 93rd General Assembly (2021 Regular)

Last Action: Died in House at Sine Die Adjournment

Last Action Date: October 15, 2021


Note: the first sponsor listed is normally the primary sponsor. If a sponsor's name is a hyperlink you can click on it to 'follow the money'.

1 sponsors: Johnny Rye (R);

Percentage of House Of Representatives sponsoring bill: 1% (1 of 100)

Chamber Date Action
House Oct 15, 2021 Died in House at Sine Die Adjournment
House Apr 28, 2021 Returned from the Governor as requested
House Apr 28, 2021 Request to return from Governor
House Apr 22, 2021 Correctly enrolled and ordered transmitted to the Governor's Office.
Senate Apr 21, 2021 Read the third time and passed.
Senate Apr 21, 2021 Returned to the House as passed.
House Apr 21, 2021 Returned From the Senate as passed.
House Apr 21, 2021 TO BE ENROLLED
Senate Apr 15, 2021 Returned by the Committee, with the recommendation that it Do Pass
Senate Apr 5, 2021 Received from the House.
House Apr 5, 2021 Read the third time and passed and ordered transmitted to the Senate.
Senate Apr 5, 2021 Read first time, rules suspended, read second time, referred to CITY, COUNTY & LOCAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - SENATE
House Apr 1, 2021 Returned by the Committee Do Pass
House Feb 3, 2021 Filed
House Feb 3, 2021 Read the first time, rules suspended, read the second time and referred to the Committee on JUDICIARY COMMITTEE- HOUSE
Type Date State Link Text
Draft Feb 3, 2021 state link bill text
Title Description Date State Link Text Adopted
There are no amendments to this bill at this time
Votes - Click on description to view vote roll call
Description Vote Date Yea Votes Nay Votes No Votes Absent Passed
04/5/2021 75 11 14 0 Yes
  • Allen, Fred (D) NV
  • Barker, Sonia (R) Yea
  • Beaty, Howard (R) Yea
  • Beck, Rick (R) Yea
  • Bentley, Mary (R) Yea
  • Berry, Mark (R) Yea
  • Berry, Stan (R) NV
  • Boyd, Justin (R) Yea
  • Bragg, Kenneth (R) Yea
  • Breaux, Harlan (R) Yea
  • Brooks, Keith (R) Yea
  • Brown, Karilyn (R) Yea
  • Bryant, Joshua (R) Yea
  • Carr, John (R) Yea
  • Cavenaugh, Frances (R) Yea
  • Christiansen, Craig (R) Yea
  • Cloud, Joe (R) Yea
  • Clowney, Nicole (D) Nay
  • Coleman, Bruce (R) Yea
  • Collins, Andrew (D) Nay
  • Cooper, Cameron (R) Yea
  • Cozart, Bruce (R) Yea
  • Crawford, Cindy (D) Yea
  • Dalby, Carol (R) Yea
  • Davis, Marsh (R) Yea
  • Deffenbaugh, Gary (R) Yea
  • Dotson, Jim (R) Yea
  • Eaves, Les (R) Yea
  • Ennett, Denise (D) Nay
  • Eubanks, Jon (R) NV
  • Evans, Brian (R) Yea
  • Ferguson, Deborah (D) NV
  • Ferguson, Ken (D) NV
  • Fielding, David (D) NV
  • Fite, Charlene (R) Yea
  • Fite, Lanny (R) Yea
  • Flowers, Vivian (D) NV
  • Fortner, Jack (R) Yea
  • Furman, Tony (R) Yea
  • Garner, Denise (D) Nay
  • Gazaway, Jimmie (R) Yea
  • Godfrey, Megan (D) Nay
  • Gonzales, Justin (R) Yea
  • Gray, Michelle (R) Yea
  • Haak, Delia (R) Yea
  • Hawks, Spencer (R) Yea
  • Hillman, David (R) Yea
  • Hodges, Monte (D) NV
  • Holcomb, Mike (D) Yea
  • Hollowell, Steve (R) Yea
  • Hudson, Ashley (D) NV
  • Jean, Lane (R) Yea
  • Jett, Logan (R) Yea
  • Johnson, Lee (R) Yea
  • Ladyman, Jack (R) Yea
  • Love, Frederick (D) Nay
  • Lowery, Mark (R) Yea
  • Lundstrum, Robin (R) Yea
  • Lynch, Roger (R) Yea
  • Maddox, John (R) Yea
  • Magie, Stephen (D) NV
  • Mayberry, Julie (R) Yea
  • McClure, Rick (R) Yea
  • Mccollum, Austin (R) Yea
  • McCullough, Tippi (D) Nay
  • McElroy, Mark (D) Yea
  • McGrew, Richard (R) Yea
  • McKenzie, Gayla (R) Yea
  • Mcnair, Ron (R) Yea
  • Meeks, Stephen (R) Yea
  • Miller, Josh (R) Yea
  • Milligan, Jon (R) Yea
  • Murdock, Reginald (D) NV
  • Nicks, Milton (D) NV
  • Payton, John (R) Yea
  • Penzo, Clint (R) Yea
  • Perry, Mark (D) NV
  • Pilkington, Aaron (R) Yea
  • Ray, David (R) Yea
  • Richardson, Jay (D) Nay
  • Richmond, Marcus (R) Yea
  • Rye, Johnny (R) Yea
  • Scott, Jamie (D) Nay
  • Shepherd, Matthew (R) NV
  • Slape, Keith (R) Yea
  • Smith, Brandt (R) Yea
  • Smith, Stu (R) Yea
  • Speaks, Nelda (R) Yea
  • Springer, Joy (D) Nay
  • Tollett, David (R) Yea
  • Tosh, Dwight (R) Yea
  • Underwood, Kendon (R) Yea
  • Vaught, Deann (R) Yea
  • Wardlaw, Jeff (R) Yea
  • Warren, Les (R) Yea
  • Watson, Danny (R) Yea
  • Whitaker, David (D) Nay
  • Wing, Carlton (R) Yea
  • Womack, Richard (R) Yea
  • Wooten, Jim (R) Yea
resort votes by: party yeas nays name
04/21/2021 27 6 1 1 Yes
  • Ballinger, Bob (R) Yea
  • Beckham, Charles (R) Yea
  • Bledsoe, Cecile (R) Yea
  • Caldwell, Ronald (R) Yea
  • Chesterfield, Linda (D) Nay
  • Clark, Alan (R) Yea
  • Davis, Breanne (R) Yea
  • Dismang, Jonathan (R) Yea
  • Eads, Lance (R) Yea
  • Elliott, Joyce (D) Nay
  • English, Jane (R) NV
  • Flippo, Scott (R) Yea
  • Flowers, Stephanie (D) Absent
  • Garner, Trent (R) Yea
  • Gilmore, Ben (R) Yea
  • Hammer, Kim (R) Yea
  • Hendren, Jim (R) Nay
  • Hester, Bart (R) Yea
  • Hickey, Jimmy (R) Yea
  • Hill, Ricky (R) Yea
  • Ingram, Keith (D) Nay
  • Irvin, Missy (R) Yea
  • Johnson, Blake (R) Yea
  • Johnson, Mark (R) Yea
  • Leding, Greg (D) Nay
  • Pitsch, Matthew (R) Yea
  • Rapert, Jason (R) Yea
  • Rice, Terry (R) Yea
  • Sample, Bill (R) Yea
  • Stubblefield, Gary (R) Yea
  • Sturch, James (R) Yea
  • Sullivan, Dan (R) Yea
  • Teague, Larry (D) Yea
  • Tucker, Clarke (D) Nay
  • Wallace, David (R) Yea
resort votes by: party yeas nays name

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