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3 total bills, 0 anti-gun bills,
2 pro-gun bills for this session
Proposed Alaska Gun Laws

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note: Alaska carries over legislation from odd-numbered years to even-numbered years without exceptions

this is an pro-gun bill


Title: Fed Ammunition Ban; Manufacture Firearms

Description: Urging the President of the United States and the United States Congress to ensure that federal agencies do not ban certain ammunition; and urging the governor to encourage the manufacture of firearms and ammunition in Alaska.


Last Action Date: March 18, 2015

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Title: Omnibus Crim Law & Procedure; Corrections

Description: An Act relating to civil in rem forfeiture actions; relating to criminal law and procedure; relating to controlled substances; relating to victims of criminal offenses; relating to probation; relating to sentencing; relating to treatment program credit for time spent toward service of a sentence of imprisonment; relating to the Violent Crimes Compensation Board; establishing a pretrial services program with pretrial services officers in the Department of Corrections; relating to permanent fund dividends; relating to electronic monitoring; relating to penalties for violations of municipal ordinances; relating to parole; relating to correctional restitution centers; relating to community work service; relating to revocation, termination, suspension, cancellation, or restoration of a driver's license; relating to identification cards and driver's licenses for parolees; relating to the disqualification of persons convicted of certain felony drug offenses from participation in the food stamp and temporary assistance programs; relating to the duties of the commissioner of corrections; amending Rules 32, 32.1, 38, and 43, Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure; and providing for an effective date.


Last Action Date: July 15, 2016

this is an pro-gun bill


Title: Reg. Of Firearms/knives By Univ. Of Ak

Description: An Act relating to the regulation of firearms and knives by the University of Alaska; and providing for an effective date.


Last Action Date: April 27, 2016

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