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Premium Gun Show Promoter Plan

Whether you already have a web site, and even more so if you don't have one, we can help you drive traffic into your shows and money into your pocket with minimal cost and effort from you all while supporting our second amendment rights.

Our premium show promoter business plan allows you to capitalize on these page views by allowing you to add important information to your firm's details and drive customers into your office. Our premium plan also keeps you informed about your page traffic and member submitted reviews your practice has received.

Our premium show promoter plan allows you to add and update the following information any time you want:

  1. An 'About Us' for your details page
  2. Company FAX number
  3. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter URLs
  4. Additional contacts, along with phone and email address
  5. Upload a admission discount coupon or link to your coupon
  6. Upload a dealer application or link to your application
  7. Upload company logo & one photo
  8. A contact form that allows customers to email you from your profile (optional)

Our premium account also includes:

  1. Top placement in our state promoter pages (note placement rotates between premium firms in a given state)
  2. 'Highlighted' listing on our state show promoter pages
  3. 'Highlighted' show listing in search result pages
  4. Top placement of your shows in zip code / distance searches
  5. Update all of your information any time you need to via a private business log in
  6. Edit any show information you have in the system
  7. Add new show dates to existing shows in seconds
  8. New shows you add to the system are automatically approved
  9. Control panel also allows you to view your traffic and reply to reviews about your business
  10. Track clicks from your details page & show listings to your web site
  11. Track phone, fax & email information clicks
  12. Receive emails notifying you when someone adds a review of one of your shows
  13. Discounted rates on banner ads that offset the cost of your premium plan!
  14. Removal of banner from your details page (replaced by a Google map of your location)

You can boost your customer base and sales with all the above for $4.99 a month or $45.99 a year (a $13.89 savings).

To get started with our premium plan please enter the business phone number as listed on your profile page or the email address associated with your listings.