Part one of our conversion to a non-profit has been completed, We are now a Wyoming non-profit corporation but we are still working on our tax status with the IRS. To learn more click here or to donate please click here
By becoming a non-profit we can further our cause to help you stop the anti-gun activists in their tracks.

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Michigan Open Carry, Inc.

Contact Name: none on file

Address: P.O. Box 16184

Lansing, MI 48901

Phone: 586 913-1662


Email: none on file / private

About This Organization:

MOC was formed as a Michigan non-profit organization in March of 2009. MOC was formed out of the Michigan Forum on (OCDO). Michigan is one of the fastest growing states in regards to the practice of open carrying a handgun. 44 States allow some type of Open Carry of a handgun. 6 States ban open carry. Most bans were enacted during or after reformation, to bar freed slaves from carrying weapons. Four states have petitions to rescind this ban. The open carry movement is growing in the U.S., much like the Concealed carry movement has in the last 10 years. Time and time again citizens have shown to be responsible when carrying a firearm. Studies by John Lott and Howard Nemerov and others have shown that lawful firearm owners are less likely to commit any kind of crime let alone a violent one.