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Nevada Court Rules AR-15s Are Machineguns
  Posted April 15th, 2020 03:42 pm


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The defendants in Parsons v. Colt et al. asked a federal district court to dismiss the lawsuit. On April 10, 2020, US District Court judge Andrew P. Gordon (Obama appointee) refused to dismiss the plaintiffs' wrongful death claim. The case will now move forward in Nevada state courts.

Gordon used a set of lies regarding the design and history of the AR platform to rationalize his finding that the manufacturers somehow knew they were making arms that could easily be converted to machineguns, despite the fact that even the ATF claimed otherwise, until they changed their pseudo-minds in late 2017 (and didn’t make it retroactively official until 2019).

In the eyes of the federal court judge, under Nevada law, any semi-auto that can be equipped with a BSTD is already a machinegun. If you live in Nevada, you might as well go all out and install drop-in autosears, lightning links, or whatever.

Nevada Court Rules AR-15s Are Machineguns