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Thousands of Thank You's To County Sheriffs
  Posted March 10th, 2019 10:26 pm

Thomas Smith

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This is my own idea so, if it seems lame, I bear the burden

There are dozens of county sheriffs throughout the country that are standing up to moronic gun control legislation being passed in virtually every state. These law men have publicly voiced that they will NOT enforce those moronic laws. I have compiled a list of their states/county/sheriff from various public sources. I am sure there are more, but this is as far as my research took me.

I want each and every decent citizen in the country to contact these sheriffs and thank them for their courage and allegience to sanity and the constitution. I have been spreading my list on all forms of social media. AND, of course, contacting each of these sheriffs myself by either phone or email.

If you feel "led", please do the same. My list is as follows:

Wicomico - Sheriff Mike Lewis
Somerset - Sheriff Ronnie Howard
Harford - Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler

Grant - Sheriff Tom Jones
Lincoln - Sheriff Wade Magers
Okanogan - Sheriff Tony Hawley
Cowlitz - Sheriff Mark Nelson
Douglas - Sheriff Kevin Morris
Benton - Sheriff Jerry Hatcher
Pacific - Sheriff Robin Souvenir
Stevens - Sheriff Brad Manke
Yakima - Sheriff Robert Udell
Wahkiakum - Sheriff Mark C. Howie
Mason - Sheriff Casey Salisbury
Klickitat - Sheriff Bob Songer
Republic - Sheriff Ray Maycumber

New Mexico
Cibola - Sheriff Tony Mace

Josephine - Sheriff Dave Daniel
Linn - Sheriff Tim Mueller

Weld - Sheriff John Cooke

Siskiyou - Sheriff Jon E. Lopey

Jackson - Sheriff Denny Peyman

If I have missed anything or have gotten something wrong, message me and I will correct it. Thank you.


Thousands of Thank You's To County Sheriffs
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