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The Insantity In Harrisburg Continues And We Need Your Help!
  Posted June 21st, 2018 10:49 pm


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Okay Pennsylvania people here's the update we promised, will try and keep it as short as we can ;)

The proverbial shit has hit the fan in the house!

HB2227 (the emergency relief protection order bill) now has 108 pro-gun amendments attached to it. Basically the 'good; Republicans took every piece of pro-gun legislation that came out this year (and was refused to be heard by the judiciary) and turned them into these amendments.

In response Stephens (author of HB2227) has been running around like mad trying to get the language from that bill added as an amendment to other bills and even got another legislator to take the language and add it as an amendment hoping no one would notice because his name wasn't attached to it.

HB2060 (regarding removed guns from those under a PFA) has been screwed up by adding the definition of who a third party is (that would accept the firearms) to add that ONLY attorneys that represent the person can accept the firearms BUT they have NOT changed 6108.3 (i) which clearly states anyone not living with the person and who is not prohibited can accept them ... this is a legal nightmare in the making.

Also on HB2060 the Democrats have attached 21 anti-gun amendments, including an assault weapon ban, high cap mag ban and every other piece of anti-gun crap they can.HB

HB2463 (which would allow those who have had a 302 petition the court to remove their prohibition) has had 2 anti-gun amendments added to it.

HB1872 (the bump stock ban that passed the judiciary yesterday) has been turned into an amendment and added to HB2227

We have also heard that several Democrats are even attempting to add these title 18 bills as amendments to non title 18 bills which most of you know is illegal in PA under the 'single subject' rule. Why would they do that when they know the laws will be challenged and ultimately struck down by the Supreme Court? Because they can say they got something passed for the November election to get votes, all while knowing it will never stand up in court.


This nonsense is honest to god changing every hour, supposedly they added HB2060 to the calendar for tonight (even though it was NOT published in the calendar this morning), again an illegal move based on the 'Sunshine Act'

Folks we know we have been screaming about this for days now but it is getting worse down there, not better. The session is SUPPOSED to end the 30th but because of the ongoing budget fight it could be extended indefinitely.

We HAVE to keep up the pressure each and every day, we don't care if you have called already we need to call EACH AND EVERY DAY until this nonsense is resolved. If they think the pressure is off they are going to ram anything they can down our throats!

As we get more information we will post it but right now everything is 100% fluid and VERY dangerous!

You can use our contact your legislators page (linked below) to find your legislators phone numbers is you don't already have them!


The Insantity In Harrisburg Continues And We Need Your Help!
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