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2020 Proposed Virginia Legislation
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dc dalton

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This thread will be updated on a regular basis when new bills come in for Virginia.

Note: We will only post legislation we feel is negative or positive, those new bills which don't actually effect your rights will not be included but you can always find them on the state legislation page.

To view proposed Virginia legislation click here

SB64 would make it a crime to assemble a group and 'drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm, any explosive or incendiary device, or any components or combination thereof'

SB71 would make it illegal to carry onto child care facilities

SB67 would require stolen firearms to be reported within 24 of discovery

SB70 is a universal background check bill

SB69 would limit handgun sales to one per month

HB72 would raise the penalty for leaving a firearm where a minor could access it to a class 6 felony

HB78 would make anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault a prohibited person for no less than 2 years

HJR10 would make June 1 gun violence awareness day

HB142 would remove online video courses from acceptable training for a carry permit

SB129 would require firearm safety training for students in all grades


2020 Proposed Virginia Legislation