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Governor Kasich Signs Bill Expanding Concealed Carry
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dc dalton

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Gov. John Kasich today signed bills expanding where Ohioans may carry hidden handguns along with those prohibiting local governments from raising the minimum wage or enacting  more restrictive rules than the state for pet stores.

Senate Bill 199 would lift the state's current ban on carrying concealed firearms in day-care centers, airport terminals, school safety zones, and certain government buildings and would give public colleges and universities the authority to allow weapons on campus.

Private businesses, including day-care centers, could continue to post themselves off limits, and guns would still be forbidden in courthouses, police stations, and the Statehouse.

The law, which will take effect in 90 days, would also allow those with concealed carry permits to legally store their weapons in their cars while parked in private business lots.


Governor Kasich Signs Bill Expanding Concealed Carry