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Nevada 'Ghost Gun' Ban Stopped By Judge
  Posted December 16th, 2021 09:15 am


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The gun control lobby's war on unserialized and home-built firearms took a hit this week when a judge in Nevada struck down key components of a new law banning their possession and manufacture. The ruling, which comes just a couple of weeks before the law was set to take effect, was the result of a challenge filed by Nevada company Polymer80, which has been targeted by the Biden administration for its DIY gun kits.

According to the judge, the language of the new "ghost gun" ban is unconstitutionally vague and fail to establish clear standards for the law's enforcement.

"Unlike the federal regulatory process to determine whether a frame or lower receiver is considered a firearm under the Gun Control Act, Nevada has established no authority at all to determine when an 'unfinished frame or receiver' actually comes into existence," Lyon County District Court Judge John Schlegelmilch wrote in his ruling. "The most any court can glean from the definition is that it is something less than a firearm and more than a block of raw material."


Nevada 'Ghost Gun' Ban Stopped By Judge