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2018 Proposed New Hampshire Legislation
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dc dalton

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This thread will be updated on a regular basis when new bills come in for New Hampshire.

Note: We will only post legislation we feel is negative or positive, those new bills which don't actually effect your rights will not be included but you can always find them on the state legislation page.

To view proposed New Hampshire legislation click here

HB1313 would repeal the ban on carrying firearms on OHRV's or snowmobiles

HB1380 would change law regaring the discharge of firearms in a town or city so that if a person has the permission of the ajoining property owners they can shoot on their property

HB1406 would make concealed carry licenses valid for only 3 years

HB1438 would allow landlords to ban tenants from having firearms

HB1542 would allow non-prohibited persons to carry firearms on the exterior property of state colleges

HB1566 would ban open carry in places like hospitals, bars, churches, polling places and public buildings

HB1749 is a preemption of local firearms bill

SB492 would outlaw bump stocks and any other device that converts the rate of fire on a semi-auto firearm

2018 Proposed New Hampshire Legislation