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Indiana Lawmakers To Propose Constitutional Carry Next Session
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dc dalton

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Despite gun violence across the country, some Indiana lawmakers are introducing a bill next year that would allow Hoosiers to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

"The state has taken that right, and we're forcing innocent people to jump through hoops and pay a fee to the state to exercise their Constitutional right," said State Rep. Jim Lucas. “To me that's immoral and wrong."

Currently, It can cost gun owners around $150 to purchase a conceal permit. According to Indiana State Police, the state has more than 750,000 active handgun licenses.

“You basically go online," said John Pemberton. “Do the background check. You go to a local facility like Good Will, one of those places. Get your finger prints done digitally, and I think you pay a local fee to whatever be through the county or city police wherever you live at. That's essentially it, so basically you're doing a background check."


Indiana Lawmakers To Propose Constitutional Carry Next Session