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Federal Judge Strikes Down California Assault Weapon Ban
  Posted June 5th, 2021 10:10 am


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California's three decade old ban on assault weapons has been declared unconstitutional.

Judge Roger Benitez, a San Diego federal judge appointed by President George W. Bush, Friday overturned the ban, stating that it violated the right to bear arms.

The assault weapons ban was passed in 1989 and has since been updated a number of times.

The main issue appeared to be the state's definition of an assault weapon. California's attorney general argued that assault weapons were more dangerous and were used in more crimes and mass shootings.

But the judge disagreed, stating in his ruling that the guns were overwhelmingly owned for legal purposes. And, he said, the definition unlawfully deprived law-abiding citizens from owning firearms that are legal in most other states.


Federal Judge Strikes Down California Assault Weapon Ban