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Alaska HB220
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It is hard to read this proposal as it does not show the full affect without going to the current law(s).

As I understand it, IF  a threat is observed the gun carrier has the option of proactively displaying the weapon ( without pointing it at anyone) and warning the other person(s) that you are armed and willing to defend yourself, without putting the carrier in the jeapordy of 3rd or 4th degree of assault and/or "Reckless endangerment"

My thought is that an open carrier probably only has to put his/her hand on the grips and speak out , this probably is not an option that a concealed carrier would use, but I carry " subtle " that is on the waist band under a jacket it may or may not be observed as a partial or a print.

On that occaision I would have to evaluate the effectiveness of a verbal and visual warning versus waiting until a direct assault was commenced and react to it, probably with a leathal result.

Alaska HB220