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Firearm Industry News Blogs

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Name: All Nine Yards


A non-nonsense look at gun laws, firearm legislation and politics. Open carry, concealed carry and other legal issues are tracked through the court system. Site also covers gun recalls and other news from manufacturers about new products and accessories.

URL: www.allnineyards.com

Name: Armory Blog


New guns and accessories are placed under the microscope for evaluations by experienced handlers while novice viewpoints are welcomed too. News, reviews and opinions are included in practical commentary, alerting readers about new products and gun-related services/

URL: www.armoryblog.com

Name: Day At The Range


Practical information for gun owners, including recall information and updates about new product releases, ammunition and other gun accessories. Industry news on the cutting edge of emerging gun technology, and research and development on the next great weapons.

URL: www.dayattherange.com

Name: Gun Free Zone


This pro-rights blog follows the development of the writer, who once believed guns were not necessary pieces of protective equipment. News stories involving guns are shared by the owner, who looks for ways gun violence can be avoided.

URL: gunfreezone.net/wordpress/

Name: Gun Pro Plus


A daily news website that compiles all the gun related news from all over the country into one place.

URL: www.gunproplus.com

Name: Loose Rounds


This blog contains technical updates about guns and equipment. Articles include reviews as well as product release information issued by manufacturers. Editorial opinions are shared by contributors passionate about gun causes.

URL: looserounds.com

Name: No Lawyers, Only Guns And Money


News with a firearm component is fair game for the site, whether centered on legal issues or weaponry itself.

URL: onlygunsandmoney.blogspot.com

Name: Omaha Outdoors Blog


Gun News, Unboxing Videos, and Gear Reviews

URL: www.omahaoutdoors.com/blog/