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Firearm Education Blogs

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Name: Balloon Goes Up


Started in October of 2011 as a blog focused on training and preparations for self-defense, competition and the 1st 72 hours after a critical incident (either dynamic, acute or social), and it remains that today.

URL: www.balloongoesup.com/blog/

Name: Defensive Use of Firearms


A comprehensive website dealing with the realistic and practical use of firearms for defense of self and home.

URL: www.spw-duf.info/

Name: ITS Tactical


ITS Tactical covers a wide range of topics, from gear and books to articles on tactical mindset, sport training, and medical case studies. Authors with different backgrounds include military veterans and those serving in the Special Ops community.

URL: www.itstactical.com

Name: Packing Pretty


Written by Gracie, a 24 years old certified firearm instructor, a range safety officer, an Assistant Director for the Firearm Training Department at Clatskanie Rifle and Pistol Club. The blog covers a wide range of topics, from guns reviews to training and mindset tips.

URL: packingpretty.com

Name: SemperVerus


SemperVerus (meaning Stay True) is your catalyst to inform, inspire, persuade, impel, and invigorate; sparking you to positive action through 5 main strategic principles—prepare, aware, be, know, do—and 1 tactical element (self-defense).

URL: www.semperverus.com/blog/

Name: Vuurwapen


Posts dedicated to gun comparison and latest technological developments in the firearm industry along with the gun culture and problems of mindset

URL: vuurwapenblog.com