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Address: 8516 Magnolia Ave.

Santee, CA 92071

Range Type: Pistol

Hours: 5:00PM - 10:00PM

Days Open: Prime-time hours are: Friday: 5:00PM - 10:00PM, Saturday & Sunday: all day, and holidays: all day.

Latitude: 32.84631 Longitude: -116.98877

Phone: 619 596-4099

Indoor: Yes

Outdoor: No

Maximum Distance: 50 yards

Firing Points: 18

Handguns Allowed: Yes

Rifles Allowed: Yes

Range Status: Open

Range Fee:

Range time is paid on a per visit basis -- NO TIME LIMIT*! The first shooter on the lane is $12.00, each additional shooter is $10.00. Active Duty Military $10.00. Limit of three shooters per lane. Gun rentals start at $10.00 plus ammunition.

*No time limit during NON prime-time hours. During prime-time hours, range fees are charged on a per hour basis, additional time charged in 1 hour increments.



Range Rules:


1) SAFETY FIRST: Always point the muzzle DOWNRANGE. Not at ceiling or floor or shooting stall walls.
2) GUN CASES: All firearms are to be kept on firing line unless cased. Do not leave firing position with uncased firearms.
3) LOADING: Load firearms only at shooting station. Keep all firearms unloaded and action open until ready to fire.
4) RAPID FIRE & ACCURACY: All firing must be controlled and on your target, or you will be ejected. No crossfiring to targets other than your own. No shotgun or rifle rapid fire.
5) Ear and eye protection is required before entering range.
6) No smoking, food or drink is permitted. Any person who in the opinion of the Range Officer has consumed alcohol or other drugs prior to shooting will not be allowed to enter the range.
7) All Brass that falls in front of the firing line must be left. No one is allowed in front of the firing line. Do not take any brass that you did not bring with you - no exceptions.
8) If a cease fire is called, Immediately UNLOAD and set the firearm on bench or ground with action open. Step back from firing line, do not touch or handle any firearm. Obey all Range Officer commands.
9) SHOTGUNS: Shotguns must be specifically authorized. Shotgun / Rifle rule sheet must be read and signed. Shotguns only allowed on lanes #1 - 8 (San Diego Range only).
10) RIFLES: high-powered rifles are ONLY allowed on lanes # 9 -18 (San Diego Range only). No steel core, armor piercing, or tracer ammo may be shot AT ANY TIME. Shotgun / Rifle rule sheet must be read and signed.
11) All firearms and ammo must be inspected by Range Officer. No inspection - no shooting!
12) TARGETS: Only commercially produced targets are allowed.
13) Range ammo is sold on an exchange basis. DO NOT pick up any brass from range ammo or from any other person.
14) VANDALISM: Any person firing at ANY range equipment or at object other than their own target, will be ejected from the range and not allowed to return. Any person shooting at range equipment will be held responsible for replacement.
15) Shirts and shoes are required. To prevent burns from brass and the resulting unsafe conditions, closed toe shoes must be worn and no loose tops with large collar openings are allowed.
16) All firearms brought into the range must be unloaded and in a gun case. If you do not have a case, we will be happy to loan you one while you are in the facility.

(San Diego Range only)


1) Shotguns may only be used on lanes # 1 - # 8. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2) Only lead birdshot smaller than #4 birdshot may be used. Steel shot or larger shot sizes and slugs create a ricochet danger to all range occupants and using such loads will result in permanent shooter ejection.
3) All shooting must be slow, aimed fire shot FROM THE SHOULDER.
6) If you shoot our equipment (even accidentally), you will be charged to replace / repair it.
7) Absolutely no shooting at targets while moving or turning.


1) High-Powered Rifles may only be used on lanes # 9 - #18 NO EXCEPTIONS!
2) High-Powered rifles are any centerfire rifle including but not limited to .223, 5.56mm, 7.62x39. See (list of allowed ammo)for more information.
3) Only softcore ammo. No steel, tungsten or other hardened core bullets may be used.
4) STEEL CARTRIDGE CASES: Steel cases may only be used for 7.62x39, 7.62x54R. Not for American calibers such as .223 or .308 etc. For a full explanation, see (List of Allowed Ammo)
5) All shooting must be slow, aimed fire, shot FROM THE SHOULDER, (standing or from bench).
8) If you shoot our equipment (even accidentally), you will be charged to replace / repair it.

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