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Atterbury Shooting Complex

average rating   Rated 3 out of 5.0 based on 2 member reviews.

Address: 4250 E. Edinburgh Street

Edinburgh, IN 46124

Range Type: Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Trap, Skeet

Hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Days Open: Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday

Latitude: 39.35357 Longitude: -85.96409

Phone: 812 526-2051

Indoor: No

Outdoor: Yes

Maximum Distance: 100 yards

Firing Points: 0

Handguns Allowed: Yes

Rifles Allowed: Yes

Range Status: Open

Range Fee:

Shotgun Range

$6 per round of trap or skeet. A round consists of 25 targets

Shotguns are available for rent for trap and skeet shooting. Cost is $5 per firearm, plus the cost of ammunition. You are required to buy our ammunition when renting one of our firearms.

Trap and skeet only - Slugs are to be shot on the Rifle Range

Rifle/Pistol Range

$6 per hour per lane

Rifles and Pistols are available for rent. Cost is $5 per firearm, plus the cost of ammunition. You are required to buy our ammunition when renting one of our firearms.


Exit I-65 at Exit 80 (Edinburgh/Flatrock)

Take SR252 West to Edinburgh

Follow SR252 west until it intersects US31(2.6 miles).

Continue west across US31 for 1.8 miles.

Look for the orange & white water tower located just before the Camp Atterbury 1942 boulder, take Edinburgh Street (fork right) for about 1/10th of a mile and the range is on your right.

Range Rules:

Range Rules

We ask that all shooters and guests follow the range rules, procedures and safety officer commands at all times. Violating any of these rules may result in guests or shooters being asked to leave the range or facility.

Rifle / Pistol Range Rules

Eye and ear protection required at all times on the range.

No holstered or loaded firearms allowed on range. Guns can only be loaded while in lane during live fire period.

No smoking inside of range fence

Shoot only from the lane assigned to you

No cross lane shooting

No rapid firing is allowed on the range

No shotshells allowed on rifle and pistol ranges

No shotguns with slugs allowed on the pistol range

No kneeling or sitting to shoot on the pistol range (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Firearms and Equipment may not be taken to or from the firing line/benches during a cease fire

Repairs of damage to baffles or posts will be charged to the responsible shooter

Rifle/Pistol Range Procedures

All shooters much sign in at the front desk where they will get a general range briefing and be assigned a lane before entering the shooting area of the range. Shooters can choose to shoot on the pistol range, which has portable targets, or at either a 50 yard or 100 yard rifle range.

First shooters of the day must remain behind the yellow line after posting targets. Equipment can be placed on the benches but not handled, uncased or any preparation until the RSO gives a preparation period or gives the "load and fire" command.

If a shooter arrives during live fire, he may place equipment on the bench, handle firearms, and wait for a cease fire to post a target.

Cease fire periods are determined and called by the RSO. Anyone on the range may signal for a cease fire if an unsafe condition exists. When a cease fire is called, the RSO will request and confirm that all firearms be unloaded, actions open, benched, and shooters stand behind the yellow line. Shooters may post and pull targets only during a cease fire as instructed by an RSO.

When the RSO determines that the line is safe he will allow shooters to go forward across the red line to pull and post targets. Shooters not needing to change their targets must remain behind the yellow line. Shooters can also pick up brass that has fallen on either side of the red line at this time if they desire. Firearms, ammunitions and magazines shall not be handled during the cease fire. Shooters may cross the yellow line and begin shooting when instructed by the RSO.

Shotgun Range Rules

Both eye and ear protection are required on the shooting range at all times.

Guns must be carried with actions open.

Never load gun until standing on shooting station.

Only load ONE (1) shell in the gun when shooting at single targets and TWO(2) shells when shooting doubles.

If an orange cone is in view on top of any trap house from shooting station: DO NOT SHOOT

If you see a person in your range of view: DO NOT SHOOT

No one but authorized personnel to be in any trap or skeet houses

No alcohol or drugs allowed while shooting

Shooters are to pick up all trash and empty shells on their field.

Shotgun Range Procedures

All trap and skeet fields are operated by coin boxes. Upon arrival, shooters can purchase tokens from the front desk. Each token will allow you to shoot one round of trap or skeet (25 targets with two extra targets.)

Skeet fields are operated from a push button cord. Skeet machines can be set for International Skeet by the RSO if so desired. Trap fields are voice activated or push button and can be set for wobble trap or doubles by the RSO as requested.

Shooters are expected to clean up fields of all hulls and other debris when leaving the field.

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Member Reviews For This Range

member rating stars

Submitting member: jason a

Submitted on: January 15, 2014

great place

I have fun shooting here :)

member rating stars

Submitting member: Jeffrey T

Submitted on: September 3, 2014

Atterbury has changed

I used to love going down here to shoot as a matter of fact I was qualified on this range through our Sons Of The American Legion as a teenager. It has changed so much since then I prefer to use private land for my target practice.