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Advanced Combative Systems Pa Details

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Advanced Combative Systems Pa

Contact: Bruce Pergament

Address: 10200b William Penn Hwy Huntingdon pa Huntingdon, PA 16652

Phone: click to view

Website: Www.advancedcombativesystemspa.com

Training Offered By Advanced Combative Systems Pa
  • Comprehensive Basic Handgun Sept 18th, Oct 8th

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Submitting member: Nancy H

Submitted on: May 10, 2021

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Highly recommended

I had experience with an M-16 years ago . Purchased first hand gun in 2009. Til a handgun safety course . Went to the range a few times . Joined a range in Lancaster ,Pa. I am able to hit a target at a range in a controlled environment . I was looking for more training, real life situations and what to do , how would I perform under pressure etc . This group of guys is absolutely awesome and extremely knowledgeable. Many years of experience and many certifications . Range is awesome . I love training with them and I am becoming more comfortable concealed carrying and getting more knowledge and am becoming a better shot . I wish we lived closer I would be there every month .

Hubby went along few times and he also learned quite a bit on some techniques with being left handed but right eye dominant .

I will try to make it to every class they have !

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