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AGFC Dr. James E. Moore Jr. Camp Robinson Firing Range

This range has not been reviewed yet.

Address: 574 Clinton Road

Conway, AR 72032

Range Type: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle

Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.,

Days Open: Wednesday through Sunday.

Latitude: 35.06730 Longitude: -92.38080

Phone: 501 470-9904

Indoor: No

Outdoor: Yes

Maximum Distance: 200 yards

Firing Points: 0

Handguns Allowed: Yes

Rifles Allowed: Yes

Range Status: Open

Range Fee:

Fee are $3 per person for pistol and rifle ranges and $4 per 25 shot round for skeet and trap. Spotting scopes are available for rent for $2



Range Rules:

Rifle and Pistol Range Rules

Only two shooters are allowed at each rifle bench. Other shooters in the party must stay behind the fence until it is their turn to shoot.

Only one rifle at a time may be fired from each bench.

Firearms are to remain unloaded until the muzzle is pointed downrange in the ready-to-fire position. Muzzleloaders may not be capped until they are pointed downrange.

When the range officer clears the range, all rifles must be unloaded and placed in the gun rack with the actions open. Pistols must be placed on the firing table unloaded with magazines removed and slides locked back or cylinders swung open.

Do not step forward of the firing line until the officer has given permission.

No firearm may be handled while the range is clear.

No holstered handguns are allowed.

No human silhouette targets allowed on pistol range.

When permission to fire has been received, rifles will be placed on the benches with the muzzle pointed downrange before loading or making sight adjustments.

Muzzleloaders may be loaded with the muzzle pointed up. Muzzleloaders must be on the bench pointed downrange before capping.

Skeet and Trap Range Rules

Shooters must be accompanied by an individual who can operate the range controls.

Firearms must remain unloaded with the action open until it is time to shoot.

Firearms may be loaded only while the shooter is on a firing station with the muzzle pointed downrange.

Only one shell may be loaded at a time. Two shells may be loaded only if shooting doubles on the skeet range.

Dispose of empty shells properly.

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