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Discussion Forum Terms And Conditions

You must read and accept the forum terms and conditions before proceeding.

By clicking the 'I understand and accept these terms and conditions' checkbox and submitting this page you accept and understand the following:

  1. Access to the forum is not guaranteed should you be found guilty of three repeated violations of our rules.
  2. Should you violate once or twice your forum privileges may be suspended for such a time as the offense requires.
  3. Any member suspended three times will be banned from the forum but shall be allowed to continue to use the website.
  4. More heinous violations of the rules will receive one warning and if the behavior is not immediately terminated the member will be banned from the forum
  5. If a member that has been banned from the forum wishes to discontinue their AMGOA membership they must send us a contact form requesting termination of their membership.
Forum Rules

The rules are fairly simple, keep it civil and keep it on topic. This is a place to help each other fight our common enemy, the anti-gun crusaders.

That being said the following will not be tolerated:

  1. Excessively profanity or 'hate speech' or racism
  2. Religious topics of any kind
  3. Threats of any kind, either to another member, a government or an outside individual
  4. Non firearm related politics (an exception may be granted by the staff during a presidential election cycle)
  5. Using the forum private message system to spam other members
  6. Posting of images that are suggestive, pornographic or explicitly gory

It should be noted that a member being found guilty of rule #3 will have their personal information and all evidence supporting the claim sent to our attorney who may at that time decide to file suit against the person and / or the organization

Should these terms change you will be presented with this screen on your next log in attempt when you must re-read and accept the modified terms.